Jul 14, 2014 Lori E. commented on HOTPOCALYPSE 2014: Seattle Heatwave Survival Guide.
In a moment of weakness last summer I bought a portable a/c for my top-floor studio in downtown Bellevue (a.k.a. Heat-Absorbing Concrete Wasteland). I only run it about three hours total on the hottest days and it is sooooo worth it to be able to sleep at night. I am from South Carolina originally, and while no, it does not get as hot or humid here, it can still get pretty unpleasant, and most of the places I have lived here are not constructed to catch a breeze. I am also a ginger, though, so the sun is my natural enemy.
Jul 14, 2014 Lori E. commented on Bags With Handles Suddenly Appear in a South Seattle Safeway.
I worked at the Bonney Lake Safeway as my first job almost twenty years ago. Our paper bags came on a flat once a month or so. Sometimes the big paper bags had handles, sometimes they didn't, and sometimes we would get half of each kind. Sometimes the smaller paper bags (like for wine bottles) were shorter and wider, or taller and thinner. We would sometimes get the medium-size produce bags with handles, and sometimes we wouldn't. It was my understanding that there were several styles to choose from, and that the kinds of bags we got depended on the personal preferences of whichever manager ordered them. (Some styles cost more, some fit better in our checkout stands, etc.).

So, it could be a sign of progress, but it is probably a coincidence.
Jun 26, 2014 Lori E. commented on Wednesday Addams, the Watusi, and Lurch.
"Wednesday, you're excused" is a pretty smooth way to tell your kid to get lost. Making a note of that in case I ever procreate.
Jan 8, 2014 Lori E. commented on One Last Anonymous Regret.
Fighting in the car (to the point of suicidal feelings) on the way to see Santa... sounds like my childhood. All the joy was sucked out of every event by my parents escalating some petty disagreement into a raging fight, usually in the car, but sometimes right before we left so we could spend the car ride in oppressive, nauseating silence. I'm sure that kid had a great time pretending to have fun visiting Santa.

Dec 4, 2013 Lori E. commented on Kinda Awesome Charges Filed in Victoria Clipper Theft.
I love that he asked for a woman to be brought to him. Maybe he is a real pirate from the past, mysteriously transported to our time.
Dec 2, 2013 Lori E. commented on Baths I Have Taken with Others.
Yuan Spa in Bellevue has a co-ed, swimsuits-required hydrotherapy circuit. I love the steam room, it is very dark and the ceiling is covered with twinkly lights to look like stars.
Jul 2, 2013 Lori E. commented on Not Without My Ducklings.
I love the description of the old man scolding the heron.
Aug 24, 2012 Lori E. commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Acro-Cats!.
The cat on the drums slays me. I want to go to this, but it would seriously undermine my pretense of non-crazy-cat-ladyness.
Aug 24, 2012 Lori E. commented on The Woman in 606.
@132- Thank you for your comments on this thread. I started smoking weed regularly a few years ago to help me cope with insomnia, anxiety, and depression from (what I now know to be) PTSD. I was, as you mentioned, distrustful of medical professionals. I only sought help after pot began to exacerbate my symptoms. Now that I have been processing my issues in therapy, I can see that weed was not actually helping me, it was only keeping me in a semi-functional holding pattern.

I understand why people get defensive when the talk turns to marijuana and mental illness, but what I have realized for myself is that self-medicating with weed is no different than self-medicating with alcohol.
Aug 22, 2012 Lori E. commented on The Woman in 606.
I feel like this article is a special gift to me, because I quit smoking weed three days ago for the sake of my mental health. I've tried quitting several times before, and have felt very alone in my efforts because no one around me believes that it is harmful or habit-forming (but watch them panic when they run out). Reading this article has strengthened my shaky resolve.

Thank you so much for writing so beautifully and respectfully about Ms. Rosado, and for illustrating how mental illness affects a whole community, not just the afflicted person.