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Oct 25, 2016 mwhybark commented on Cubs Bars in Seattle?.
West Seattle? Got a thing over there at 8, figure I'll head over before traffic.
Jul 22, 2016 mwhybark commented on What Nonsense Has Mike Pence Been Getting Into This Time?.
I grew up in Indiana, and while my hometown of Bloomington is the Austin or Olympia of Indiana in that it's where the weird turn pro, I grew up with many people who did not flee the state in anger at the first opportunity, as I did. It's been interesting watching the rightmost of these people turn on Pence over time via my observation of Facebook posts. He's DEEPLY hated, seen as the state's GWB II, a good-looking and one presumes good smelling fellow always up for a round of multi-K fundraising golf and fellowship that led the state into multi-billion-dollar losses in interstate commerce. The GOP bidness elite in Indiana HATE the guy. The only state leadership that seems to provoke similar anger and loss-of-faith over time in my FB feed? North Carolina. Their increasingly language-authoritarian state Ieadership has been engaged in a weeklong meltdown over the NBA pulling the All-Star game due to the NC passage of what amounts to the same bathroom bill excluding transpeople from their facility of choice. I imagine Wisconsin probably offers a similar fount of anger and schadenfruede but I hardly know anyone from Wisconsin.

So, for your conservative relatives, I offer this handy set of talking points:

*Mike Pence is the Devil
*Donald Trump is his lickspittle toady

I admit, this is not a well-reasoned set of logical arguments. I will leave it to others to explain why it would be fun and/or could be effective to proceed according to the formula above.
Apr 17, 2016 mwhybark commented on Your Weekly Roundup: A Gruesome Murder, Ramen Burgers, Resegregation, Reservations (About Bertha).
Charlton. The guy's name is Charlton. This is the second Slog post in which it was misspelled. The prior one spelled it both ways. I presume this is an autocorrect annoyance. Up your proofing game, guys: you're professionals, please spell appropriately. Or simply leave his name out of it as is the evolving practice for suspected and convicted spree killers.

Apologies for the fingerwagging. I expect better of you.
Dec 11, 2015 mwhybark commented on In the Heart of the Sea Is a Whale of a Tale!.
your headline is both a cliche and at odds with the content of your review. ironiy and sarcasm in headlines aren't impossible. but maybe choose a different hill.
Dec 8, 2015 mwhybark commented on On His Deathbed, My Father and I Could Agree on Only One Thing: Bach.
Charles, that was great.

My elderly next-door neighbor passed away at home this week. He was a lifelong baseball fan. When I moved in here I hadn't thought about baseball in many years, probably since Hank Aaron's successful run at Babe Ruth's record in the seventies. I liked my elder neighbor very much and began to spend time with him, and therefore to listen to him talk about baseball, and his life, and his life in the past of Seattle, and horse-racing, and Guantanamo in the 1950s, and the Elks, and the IBEW. But mostly about baseball.

I'll miss him very much. I think I'll keep watching baseball.
Sep 13, 2015 mwhybark commented on Inside the Seattle Clinic That Survived the Darkest Days of AIDS.
my first apartment in seattle was the upstairs of a small house at the corner of 12th and Denny. Central Co-op was across the street. The lower floor was occupied by a band of midwives and doulas. There was no physical separation between our upstairs one-bedroom late-80s freshly remodeled space and the medical offices downstairs.

This was curious to me and after befriending the (curiously clearly non-breeder) breeder helpers downstairs, I asked why and how the place was remodeled in such a way, apartment upstairs, no door, medical facility downstairs.

They explained that the house had been owned by a gay couple, doctors, who had recognized the urgent need in the community for safe spaces and committed care.

They'd each passed away from AIDS sometime within a relatively recent timeframe. My impression was that the midwives and doulas were the first tenants after the former proprietors had passed. Occam then taught me in turn that I and my then-partner were the first tenants in what had been the doctors' residence. I never learned their names. They still taught me a great deal, and I suppose I should look up the property records to learn if I can write a note to their families.
Sep 4, 2015 mwhybark commented on I Can't Handle All this Animal Killing—I'm Still Traumatized by the Time I Tried to Kill an Ant When I Was 6.
it's good to see you guys bonding. we've been concerned.
Jun 8, 2015 mwhybark commented on In Music News: Apple Music Will Arrive on June 30.
is that the actual logo? it's incoherent and terrible.
May 28, 2015 mwhybark commented on My Picnic Was Interrupted by Drones.
wait I know! a model of rudeness and entitlement! perhaps the *very* model thereof.