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Feb 17, 2016 lark commented on Two Days Before a State Senate Vote on an Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill, Pool Employees Say a Man Showed Up in a Women's Locker Room.
OK. The guy who pulled off this stunt is evidently a jerk. I had figured someone would try in light of how much publicity the issue of transgender access is getting of late.

However, I have a sincere question for you. Say for instance, you & Caitlyn Jenner are long time members (5+ years) of the same athletic club. You and she still frequent the club. Would you allow (feel comfortable with?) Caitlyn walking around nude in the shower and/or locker room? I believe it is a fair question.

Full disclosure, I frequent a club here in Seattle where an unequivocally transgender member swims, subsequently showers and dresses in the men's locker room. She does walk nude from the shower and has male anatomy. I've never in my 12 years of membership noticed a person transgender in the shower/locker room with female anatomy. In the latter situation and to be fair, I'll answer my own question. I would feel it a violation of club policy (prohibition of females in the men's locker room) and simply uncomfortable as well.

What's are your thoughts?
Feb 15, 2016 lark commented on Clarence Thomas After Scalia's Death.
Good Morning Charles & Happy Presidents' Day,
I'll start by saying may Antonin Scalia RIP. He served the nation for better or for worse for 30 years.

I haven't seen the film you referenced. I may check it out. I can say that in essence, comparing him, Thomas to a freed slave who remains with his former white master is a bit of a stretch just because he agreed with many of Justice Scalia's opinions. Justice Thomas is a thinking conservative jurist not some clueless lamb who follows his shepherd. And the last time I checked, he is an independent vote on the court.

Look, I get what's at stake on the high court, the tip Left-of-center vs. Right-of-center. There will be a showdown for the next appointee. Every president whether Reagan who appointed Scalia or Obama has a prerogative to select the best person for the high bench. I wish every candidate was selected without political consideration but only merit. Alas, that will never be the case.
Feb 11, 2016 lark commented on Morning News: Seattle Is a City of Bad Drivers, Man Slashed in University District Starbucks.
Good Morning Charles,
I thought the morning news you reported a tad too politicized. I didn't think it necessary to remark "her color white" regarding the missing Ms. DeBoer. That's evident from her photo posted here & everywhere. I viewed it in yesterday's and today's newspaper and it was posted at my bus stop/shelter. You are right to imply this story seems over reported considering the number of reported missing persons in the USA.

Also, you refer to the creeps occupying Malheur Wildlife Refuge as "Vanilla ISIS". That would be a bit of a stretch. Islamic State of Iraq & Syria is composed of white, black and largely brown people and is wreaking far more havoc than the armed occupiers at Malheur. The former definitely need to leave the compound at the Refuge and in my opinion, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To be sure the occupiers have potential for violence (one has already been killed) but nothing like ISIS.

Finally, I'm not sure I agree with this simplification of the water crisis in Flint, MI "There appears to be no end in sight for this water crisis, which has its roots in the kind budget cuts that the GOP loves to push at every opportunity." My understanding is, the corroded water pipes have been a long term problem that got worse with the remedy. I believe it to be a far more complicated issue than just what you mentioned. Gov. Snyder has indeed, taken responsibility and apologized.

Thanks for correcting 'running show' to 'running shoe'. That threw me initially.
Feb 2, 2016 lark commented on January Was the Month of Slashings in New York City's Subway.
Good Morning Charles,
Well, whatever interpretation one makes of its cause, it is a horrifying trend. Speaking of horrifying, I just read this in the morning paper:…

Chicago had 51 homicides in January! That's ghastly. While it is most unfortunate in general, I think it greatly unfortunate for the American "big city". It is senseless and uncivilized to have these kind of numbers. Bloody sad.
Feb 1, 2016 lark commented on A Map That Covers 500 million Light-Years and Contains 100,000 Galaxies.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Well put. I concur.
Jan 20, 2016 lark commented on Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bernie Sanders: Why Is the Socialist's Imagination "So Limited Against White Supremacy?".
Read John McWhorter's response to Coates' article. (I've read both):…

I agree with many here, Slave Reparations are a bad idea. BTW, I've read a lot of Coates including "Between the World and Me". A good writer but in my opinion dangerously separatist.

Jan 19, 2016 lark commented on Distracted Pedestrians Are Not the Same As Distracted Drivers.
Good Afternoon Charles,

Full disclosure, I haven't read Brodeur's article, I don't possess an automobile and I have the dubious distinction of being hit by a car 2X. The first ages ago at 15 y/o while on a bike w/o a helmet and coming out of an alley. I was injured (stitches in my scalp) but was OK. I held myself accountable. The second time relatively recently (5 years ago) as a pedestrian while in a crosswalk as the 'walk' sign was on in my direction. The elderly woman driver merely grazed me while turning left. I fell down but was unhurt. She was held accountable. She also didn't stop. I presume she didn't see me.

My understanding of the law is that drivers are ALWAYS held accountable if a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a moving vehicle no matter what. I get that but there are foolish pedestrians and cyclists. We've all seen them. However, if at the end of the day Brodeur is saying BOTH should be wiser, she has a point. You have one as well. However, I disagree with your very last statement.

No, pedestrians and cyclists to a different degree should not be allowed to do anything especially because they AREN'T driving. I frown on pedestrians incessantly looking at their hand-held device and not 'looking both ways' when crossing a street especially when not in a cross walk. Some cyclists are crazy too zipping in and out of pedestrian AND car traffic like acrobats. And looking at one's hand-held device while driving should be outlawed. Sure drivers, walkers & cyclists are different. And all want some measure of 'belonging' in a city (although I don't think they are thinking about that as they are driving, walking or cycling). They just want to get to their destination safely.
Dec 30, 2015 lark commented on Alaska Considering Cuts in Petrol Welfare and Reintroducing Income Tax as World Oil Prices Collapse.
Good Evening Charles,
Thank you. I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.
Dec 30, 2015 lark commented on Alaska Considering Cuts in Petrol Welfare and Reintroducing Income Tax as World Oil Prices Collapse.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Personally, I found the idea of 'petrol socialism' clever and charming. Alaska state citizens enjoyed the surplus wealth from a natural resource, refined petroleum. The state shared its revenue. How cool is that? I have a few Alaskan friends who fondly recalled the checks. I believe the province of Alberta in Canada has a similar entitlement. It too, is rich in petroleum. Hence Edmonton (Alberta) Oilers, the NHL franchise. Bully for them.

But, yeah the party is over. Indeed, world oil prices have plummeted. I just read about the possibility of a state income tax in Alaska. Well, so be it. The state has a huge deficit. It could be modest but at times, at state income tax is needed.