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Jul 1 RDM commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
This was the most life-altering album of my adolescence. I WILL PLAY IT NOW AND ALL DAY LONG.

Thank you.
Jul 1 RDM commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
Effeminate:Feminine::Chauvinist:Masculine (i.e., an expression of the worst aspects of gender stereotypes).

I would advise this person to consider the fact that not everyone shares her aversion to queeny gays, and she might be doing her business a disservice by turning away qualified applicants.
Mar 31 RDM commented on OKCupid Posts Note Informing Firefox Users of Mozilla CEO's Anti-Gay Donation, Urges Users to "Consider Different Software".
@4: When there is so much competition among browser providers, there's no reason to settle for even the slightest hint of bigotry.
Jan 15 RDM commented on SL Letter of the Day: Left Behind.
40% chance this letter is fake, from some dude who fetishizes 17-year old bisexual girls shitting themselves.

I just don't believe that orgasm causes defecation with great regularity. Contractions of the anal sphincter will only cause defecation if the rectum is full. Of course, everyone's body is unique, and her orgasms might also trigger peristalsis through her entire lower colon. Most adults (and children) can tell if their rectum is full. If this girl is real, then she just needs to be housebroken.
Jan 10 RDM commented on White Artists Suck the Life Out of Black Music Culture, Black People Now Irrelevant.
I wish we could discuss appropriation without it coming down to restricting certain kinds of expression to certain demographic groups.
Jan 3 RDM commented on The Bechdel Test Is Profitable.
Ugh, I wish this infographic were better made. If movies were ranked by sales and colored by its Bechdel Test score, it would be far easier to see the relationship. But this structure just proves that more movies pass the Bechdel Test than fail. (Also, I have a problem putting the four categories into two. Three of the categories are "fails".)
Oct 21, 2013 RDM commented on Southern Discomfort.
"Plays well with others" is a fantastic, and widely under-appreciated book. It's not even mentioned in this review!
Sep 25, 2013 RDM commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Morality of a Dungeon.
I still think $50,000 is still an awful lot to spend on your sex life. Also a kitchen, but I haven't tried to remodel a kitchen yet.
Jul 5, 2013 RDM commented on Activists Protest Scrubbing Women from English Currency.
Is it worth pointing out the a woman (Queen Elizabeth) appears on every single piece of British currency?
Jun 28, 2013 RDM commented on What Now?.
@2: I would like to see straight white evangelicals show their support too.

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