Aug 27, 2015 T-Kins commented on 10 Great Tracks Pitchfork Left Out of Its Best Songs of the ’80s List.
Nice list. Except: Associates were the 2nd greatest Scottish band of the 20th century. Cocteaus, anyone?
Aug 10, 2015 T-Kins commented on Airplane Carves a Frisbee Shape Into Clouds Above Queen Anne.
I saw this looking west from our place in Ballard, so it was further northwest than Queen Anne, at least...
Dec 25, 2014 T-Kins commented on Going to the Movies Tonight? Here's What You Should Watch.
Also: The riveting Whiplash, which is still screening at Lowes Oak Tree.
Dec 19, 2014 T-Kins commented on Elegy (and Etymology) for an Escalator.
Great, post, but it's at Pike, not Pine, n'est-ce pas? (Forget yr mnemonic device?)
Oct 30, 2014 T-Kins commented on I Ask Again, Did The Telescopes Release of The Best Last Album of the 1980s? If Not, Then Who Did?.
Isn't it Isn't Anything (MBV)? (Even though that was November '88)
Jun 19, 2014 T-Kins commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
With the 'rents: Moody Blues, Portland. Without: Sonic Youth, Portland.
Apr 15, 2014 T-Kins commented on 7 Remarkable Robert Fripp Moments (Not With King Crimson).
Nice list! Though I think Heavenly Music Corporation edges out Swastika Girls.

(Anyone have any leads on where to purchase/acquire digital copies of God Save the Queen or Let the Power Fall [aside from YouTube]?)
May 5, 2013 T-Kins commented on Slog Bible Study: Isaiah 34:7.
Never mind the bullocks.