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Nov 9, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Money Wins Big in WA, While Reason Triumphs Elsewhere.
Goldy, also, you might want to correct your post because unions in Obio outspent the opposition 2 to 1. Does that mean Money won in Ohio and reason did not triumph?

I am on the unions' side, I'm just pointing out your ranting isn't grounded in facts or reality.
Nov 9, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Money Wins Big in WA, While Reason Triumphs Elsewhere.
Goldy, if it didn't have a ton of money behind it and it passed then would it still be anathema to you? Is money backing a ballot measure a reason to oppose it even if you agree with the issue? Or is because you disagree with the issue that money is the corrupting influence?
Sep 7, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Horrible Thing Replaces Horrible Thing.
Ugh, early morning brain failure, "invites to the wedding" = "invites to the reunion"
Sep 7, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Horrible Thing Replaces Horrible Thing.
The snobby elites of my high school class of 2001 just recently organized the 10 year reunion using Facebook to distribute the invites to the wedding. Only about 70 people ended up going (I believe our graduating class was 400+) and the majority were all either the snobby elites, friends of the snobby elites, or people that never left town after high school and don't have much going on.

I very briefly considered flying 3,500 miles to the reunion, but it was a random weekend in August, with a bunch of people I didn't care for, and I could tell from all profile pictures (wedding photo as profile pic, baby photo as profile pic) that I had nothing I wanted to discuss with any of the people attending.

If Facebook is killing the reunion, it's killing it because we can all take a minute to realize we don't want to talk to these people.
Sep 2, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on If You Pay Attention to These Things.
What 3 & 4 said.

Where's Ringling? They usually rank high, or at least place on any "art school" list.
Aug 3, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Regarding the Senate and FAA Employees.
Grant Brissey's replies to the anonymous troll have made my day.
Aug 3, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Regarding the Senate and FAA Employees.
@3 this isn't about the 16.5 million. This is about the unions. Republicans want to roll back a labor ruling by the NLRB so that it is harder to unionize.

That is the sticking point. The House wouldn't even authorize a temporary extension over the recess because they were playing chicken with the Senate. Now everyone is on vacation.
Jul 18, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on LA Rejoices at Getting Back onto the Freeway Earlier than Expected.
I have lived in the LA Metro area for 6 years, and there are people here that are just as Frizelle described. Natives (or in the case of my Aunt and Uncle, people that might as well be natives) are so accustomed to a certain way of life that they don't understand a world without /THE/ 405, /THE/ 10, or /THE/ 101. When there is traffic it has to really be out of the norm in order to even qualify for a mention in the periodic radio traffic reports.

When I moved out here, my Aunt was gracious enough to let me stay with her in Altadena. Everyday I had to drive from Altadena to Culver City. There was no reasonable public transportation that could take me from Altadena to Culver City and back again because The Westside had pushed against any form of rail transit for so long that it was impractical to say the least (Thanks Henry Waxman!). I asked my Aunt and Uncle how they dealt with the maddening commutes, and they looked at me like *I* was the crazy one. 45 minutes to an hour and a half in a car for them to get to Korea Town was perfectly reasonable. I asked why they didn't just live closer to their jobs, and avoid the traffic and they were incredulous I would even ask. They wanted to live where they lived more than they cared about the drive.

Taking this in to account, I found an apartment that was less than 15 minutes from my office (still no reliable public transit). No freeways. For the next four years I spent very little time venturing outside of a small radius of my apartment and tried to eschew freeway whenever possible. When people would come to visit they would ask to go to the beach, or to go to see Hollywood and I would turn pasty white and ask them if they really wanted to go sit in traffic just to see some dirty tourist traps. I became quite jaded by the surroundings. Recently, I've discovered how to best take advantage of what Los Angeles has to offer with minimal bumper-to-bumper. Carefully planned and timed excursions to have great shanghai soup dumplings in SGV, or a weekend in Santa Barbara wine country, museums, galleries, etc. There is much that can be done without watching your life tick away behind a blue-smoke spewing '78 Volvo.

When the Expo line and the Purple line extension projects actually got underway, I was thrilled. Progress! Finally! My enthusiasm trailed off as I realized that it would be decades before they would stretch from Downtown to Santa Monica. Even then, there still weren't feasible plans to build a perpendicular line to connect them, or to cross in to the valley. Every stage of the Expo line and Purple line extension has been dogged by critics and attacked by neighborhood groups. Beverly Hills is very openly attacking the Purple line extension because they don't want it to run under Beverly Hills High School. They're not the only ones though, anywhere worth going to wants to put the stops far out at the periphery of any useful location. NIMBY-ism is pervasive, and the op-eds and blogs in opposition to these projects are innummerable. Op-ed hacks held up a study by the LADOT that shows there won't be an appreciable decrease in cars as a reason to call the projects wasteful. "Why not put the money in to more buses and widen the roads?" It's also no use arguing that you can't just make roads wider. This $1 billion project to add a carpool lane to the 405 is fiscally sound in their opinion.

The people calling for more buses are also not the people who actually take the bus. They just want to add more lanes and buy cheaper buses. To them, the problem is that everyone else is on the road.

Wilshire Blvd. was in such disrepair (and no one had the funds to fix it) that LADOT is borrowing money from the federal government to close off 2 lanes and turn them in to bus only lanes. Beverly Hills has successfully lobbied to have the Beverly Hills section of Wilshire omitted from the project. So... that's going to be super-useful.


I'm going to miss this weekend's heavy dose of fear. It was Los Angeles at it's most rational.
Mar 16, 2011 jsteel2005 commented on Re: Twitter Cuts Third Party Apps.
Paul, the only reason the iOS client exists is because there was a third party developer. Twitter bought AteBits and their twitter client Tweetie and Tweetie for Mac. Tweetie was rebranded as the official Twitter client and released a year ago. The reason that Twitter client is so popular is because a developer produced a client that was superior to using the twitter web site on the phone.

The iTunes reviews since 3.3.0 (the dickbar) and 3.3.1 (the slightly less terrible dickbar) have been overwhelmingly negative. Features have been removed or deprecated based on Twitter's choices, and stability has decreased.

Power Users look to clients for tools and services to improve the 140 character experience. To use the URL shortener they want, the photo service they want, the RT/quoting method instead of the "retweet" platform method, alternative twitter search results, etc. With Twitter as the gatekeeper for services, and client functionality, will stagnate.