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Nov 22 john t commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
Trump voters obviously give zero shits about the safety, security, and survival of everyone in this country who isn't white, straight, native-born, Christian, able-bodied, and adherents to the correct religion. So why the fuck should we be concerned about their feelings at the dinner table? Voting for Trump was the ultimate gesture of "Fuck You I've Got Mine" — an attitude that is completely antithetical to harmonious bread-breaking.
Sep 16 john t commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
@14, Don't be silly, of course Trump represents their interests. Their primary interests being: to remain unaccountable and above the law; getting praised for beating up on minorities; and getting lots of explosive toys to play with.

Police officers would happily sign a labor contract that included a big pay cut as long as they were assured that they could continue to murder black people with impunity. It's what gets them out of bed in the morning. Keeping minorities in their place is the primary reason police departments exist. It's at the base of the police officers hierarchy of needs pyramid, right next to food, water, and shelter. They would wither and die and blow away in the wind if they were denied the privilege of murdering whoever shows them an insufficient level of deference.
Sep 16 john t commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
Once again proving that police unions are the enemies of justice.

Trump is a fascist who has nothing but contempt for the truth. He bends or breaks the law to suit his own interests whenever he can get away with it. He surrounds himself with "the best people," i.e. crooks and frauds and rapists and creeps and white nationalists. He believes that there are strata of people in this country, some of whom deserve dignity, respect and fair treatment by the law, and others that don't. He believes that some judges should be dismissed simply because of their ethnicity. He has a well-known track record of bigoted racist words as well as bigoted racist actions. He wipes his ass with the Constitution. OF COURSE the nation's largest police union endorsed Trump.

Considering that police unions represent the interests of police officers, it's also fair to say that police officers are the enemies of justice.
Sep 4 john t commented on Hillary Clinton Is a Neocon Warmonger, In a Capitol Hill Sticker.
@31, You sick morbid fuck, offering a friendly gentleman's wager over mass killing. Fuck you, you disgust me.
Sep 3 john t commented on Hillary Clinton Is a Neocon Warmonger, In a Capitol Hill Sticker.
@2 Pretty ballsy of Dan to show his face in the comment section of this article about Clinton's neocon warmongering tendencies, considering that his most regrettable political blunder was his full-throated support for Bush's disastrous invasion of Iraq. He must think we've forgotten about it by now and it's safe to cheerlead for war again.

Hillary Clinton has surrounded herself with all the same assholes who got us into the Iraq mess. We will be disastrously invading another middle eastern country before her first term is over, I guarantee it.
Sep 1 john t commented on Georgetown University Takes Unprecedented Steps to Address and Atone for Its Roots in Slavery.
@6, Finish your thought: And black people in 2016 vote overwhelmingly for Democrats because...
Aug 26 john t commented on French Court Suspends Burkini Ban, No Word on Suspending Men Who Tell Women What to Wear.
Consider me firmly in the anti-religion camp. But it's obvious that, like the War on Drugs, trying to enforce a ban on religious symbols can only cause more problems than it might solve. "Burkini" bans are even stupider than D.A.R.E. and likely to cause worse unintended consequences. The Soviet Union tried to ban religion, but like bacteria that evolves to become antibiotic-resistant, religion only grew more resilient and virulent under suppression. A different approach is needed.

Consider me firmly in the pro-immodesty camp, as someone who enjoys hanging out at the nude beach. But fuck the hypocrisy of men who claim that they're trying to "help" "oppressed" women by forcing them to reveal more of their skin in public. They're as disgustingly stupid as men who claim to be anti-abortion but try to outlaw birth control. Their only motivation is controlling women's sexuality.
Aug 19 john t commented on Science News: Coral Reefs Desperate for More Fish Piss, Jill Stein Exaggerates Sea Level Rise.
The Stranger's election coverage has been a shitshow for the past few months.

Jill Stein is the only candidate talking about taking substantial action against climate change and you guys are all like, "Actually..."
Aug 19 john t commented on I, Anonymous.
Was that a terribly awkward attempt at negging? Jesus christ straight men can be so stupid.
Aug 19 john t commented on Seattle Filmmaker Daisy Heroin Is Back With a Shocking New Surrealist Short.
I refuse to pay the slightest bit of attention to anyone who would name himself "Daisy Heroin". Get the fuck outta here.