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11:06 AM john t commented on Morning News: Five Shot at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest, SPD Increases Patrols After QFC Shooting.
Jesus christ I can't go anywhere on the internet without seeing a comment section full of Stormfront mouthpieces. Same shit every day: smear the victim, claim they were asking for it, cast doubt on their testimony, derail the discussion by insinuating that media bias coddles black criminals, derail the discussion with red herring made-up statistics about "black-on-black" crime, etc., etc.

Fuck your Stormfront bullshit. And fuck the Stranger for tolerating racist trolls in this comment section.
Nov 18 john t commented on Ben Stein: Obama Hates American Because He's "Part Black".
@5, C'mon man, it's like you're not even trying. If you're gonna succeed as a right-wing troll you've got to show a bit more passion and throw in a few more typos. *Yawn*
Nov 9 john t commented on Counter-Counter-Counterpoint: The Gum Wall Is a Monument to Political Transgression.
Can we go back to discussing the graphic design on paper coffee cups?
Nov 6 john t commented on It Doesn't Matter That Ben Carson Lied About Going to West Point.
Evangelicals just want to watch the world burn. Apocalypse fantasies are part of their core identity. Of course they're supporting Carson, since he's the one who is most unhinged from reality and the one who is most likely to get trigger-happy with the red button.
Nov 6 john t commented on Mormon Church to Kids With Gay Parents: No Magic Underpants For You!.
News about religious organizations not allowing gay people to partake of their rites, rituals, and full inclusion always gives me a tiny bit of whiplash, as my thought process goes something like:
1. That's not fair!
2. Actually, the gays are better off without religion so they're unintentionally doing the gays a big favor.
3. This is great news!
Oct 21 john t commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Fly In Coconut Ointment.
LW could have brought the correct lube and good quality condoms to the party, given the couple a bit of education, and had a fun time. Problem solved.

PSA #1: The condoms you find for free in a bucket near the entrance to the club are shitty condoms. Life's too short to use shitty quality condoms. Spend a few bucks on the better condoms at the drugstore, or order them online if you're a shy teenager who's too embarrassed to inspect condom packages in the aisle at Walgreen's.

PSA #2: When using condoms, lube is necessary. Silicone lube is best because it doesn't feel cold when you apply it to a sensitive orifice, and more importantly it lasts a long time without getting sticky. But keep a towel handy to wipe your hands off, because it will spread onto everything and it doesn't wash off as easily as water-based lube.
Oct 1 john t commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Does a Lesbian Bridesmaid Have to Suck Dick?.
I'd raise both of my middle fingers high in the air and shout "Fuck all y'all" to the bride and all of her friends if she was the kind of woman who had the kind of friends who would get pissy about declining to participate in their abominably tacky bachelorette party. And I like eating dicks.
Oct 1 john t commented on Republican Who Blocked Revenge-Porn Protections Is Victim of Revenge Porn.
We've got politicians who think it's a bad idea to enact a revenge porn law, but a good idea to put teenagers on the sex offender registry for the rest of their life because they took a picture of their own body with their own cell phone. Just goes to show that some people — many of whom are, facepalmingly, legislators — lack the brain capacity to understand what the word "consent" means.
Sep 30 john t commented on Musician Antony Hegarty On The Pope's Meeting With Kim Davis.
The Pope better not touch my fucking feet. I would want nothing to do with some sort of ritual wherein the Pope cosplays Jesus and makes a spectacle of ritually "humiliating" himself by "serving" someone of "lower status" than himself. Fuck the Pope and fuck Antony too for coming up with this harebrained idea.