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Apr 27 john t commented on New Building at 16th & Thomas.
I probably shouldn't talk shit about a building that isn't quite finished yet, but that's probably the ugliest detailing I've ever seen.

I'm imagining a scenario where the architect was explaining to the developer over a napkin sketch, "So then we're going to have these triangular-shaped rooftop access stairway things, but it's important to get the—" and the developer cut him off and said, "I'll get my boys to work on it right away, oh by the way sorry I won't be able to pay you for those drawings but you'll get great exposure!" And then a handful of underpaid undocumented carpenters, with a general contractor threatening to deport them if they don't work faster and cut more corners, got to work on it.

Meanwhile, a real estate marketer is desperately trying to apply lipstick to this pig with ad copy like "Vibrant Urban Living in the Heart of Cap Hill!"
Apr 21 john t commented on Savage Love.
Emetophilia is probably the most unsexy thing that is possible in the universe. I guess that's part of its appeal? I don't want to think too much about it to try to understand. Some things are better left as mysteries.

Anyhow, as someone who spent much of my childhood holding onto a kidney-shaped dish (just the sight of one makes me feel nauseated 30 years later), that expression is terrible and perfect.
Apr 4 john t commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Thrilla In Vanilla.
There ought to be more onus on the vanilla party to reveal early on in the relationship if they're closed-minded about kink. I hope LW reveals in a timely manner to every new partner that he/she is a frumpy scold who lacks imagination, clings to a bunch of tired prejudices and bizarrely outdated misconceptions, and is really clumsy with metaphors.
Mar 21 john t commented on Hillary Clinton's Comments on Israel, Versus Donald Trump's Comments on Israel.
Jesus christ I hate election coverage. So two candidates — one an unhinged neofascist, the other an unrepentant warhawk — give speeches about one of the most important and controversial (and deadly!) foreign policy issues, but your response is "I can't wait to watch Hillary and Donald snatch each others' wigs!! Love her ♥♥♥!" Fuck this shit.
Mar 4 john t commented on Private Security Guard Hired by Neighbors Reportedly Pepper-Sprays a Magnolia Resident Minding His Own Business.
The silver lining is the private security guard is probably not protected by a powerful, corrupt, and ethically bankrupt union. And, unlike real cops, he almost certainly could be held personally liable for damages in a civil lawsuit, along with his employer.
Feb 24 john t commented on Kink On the Homepage of the New York Times.
@12 Today I learned that I'm a racist if it makes me a bit queasy to see a rich white man making a black woman his subservient bitch.

Feb 24 john t commented on Kink On the Homepage of the New York Times.
Haas is one of my favorite contemporary composers, but I knew very little about him as a person, and certainly nothing about his personal life until reading this article about his kinky relationship in the NYT, of all places.

So yeah, a lot of mixed feelings. Trying to get a handle on the conflict between the "it's creepy that a German-speaking white man lives to dominate a black woman" feeling and the "it's two consenting adults so they should be free to do what they want without judgment" feeling and the "but they're voluntarily splashing their sex life on the pages of one of the world's most prestigious newspapers so of course everyone is going to judge them" feeling.

Meanwhile, listen to this performance of his guitar quartet.
Feb 9 john t commented on Portland to Lose a Bunch of Popular Food Cart Lots to a $1.5 billion Development.
There are currently no proposals or timeline to develop these lots. Nothing will happen for years, probably, and certainly not all at once. So don't cry over your Korean fusion crepes, yet.

Downtown Portland has a large surplus of surface parking lots. It's kind of tragic to think about how many historic buildings have been torn down to make room for storing empty automobiles for 9 hours a day. Anyhow, there are plenty of places for displaced food carts to move to. By the way, they're *carts*, you know, with wheels and stuff. They're built to be displaced.

One of the peculiar circumstances that has allowed Portland's food cart scene to thrive is that there is one family with a virtual monopoly on downtown's parking that has been holding out on developing them for decades, while collecting a steady fee/rental income and watching the value of the land appreciate. They figured out that hosting a "pod" of carts activates a vacant lot and makes the block more appealing, and accelerates the appreciation of the land.

How about downtown workers form a non-profit to buy up vacant lots on which to make a permanent home for the food carts? How Portland would that be — a collectively owned public food cart pod. I'm sure that the Farmers Market, downtown business association, retailers, tourist promoters, maybe the James Beard Foundation and Portland Parks & Recreation, would all chip in.
Jan 28 john t commented on Airport to Uber: Show Us the Data, or No Contract for You.
Uber says: We're a ride-sharing company! But we're not a taxi company in the business of giving people rides, it's our non-employees (whose lives we control like employees) who do the sharing! But don't regulate us like a business because we're just an app! An app for sharing data! But we won't share data with you or anyone else outside of our business!
Jan 26 john t commented on New Report Details Music Industry's $1.8 Billion Boon to Seattle's Economy—and Musicians' Poverty Wages.
It doesn't make much sense to discuss music in terms of labor economics. Economists talk about "rational choices" but musicians, at least the kind who've got what it takes to become pros, are motivated by an irrational compulsion to play music and often by a delusional aspiration to become famous. For every working musician who's getting paid, there are dozens of amateurs who love playing music so much that they'll do it for free.

Meanwhile, music consumers choose music based on how well-styled the performers look in the video, download infinitely reproducible MP3s for free on the internet, and complain to the doorman when they have to pay a $5 cover at the bar.