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Sep 4 seattlestew commented on It's Almost Time to Abandon Twitter.
@3 FTW.

Also, the beauty of twitter, in addition to the real-time, reverse-chronological posts Paul cites as the primary success of the service and what makes it so unique, is that you can also be very discriminating in who you follow, much more so than on facebook, which is a network that has become saturated by the masses -- e.g., your grandma, your ex, your high school history teacher, and so on... There are users on twitter who are exclusively committed to disseminating good, up-to-the-minute news that is accurate and relevant. And then the are people like the Iron Sheik, who are just consistently hilarious. Anyway, hate twitter if you want, but I for one enjoy my time on the service a lot more than I do on FB. I find myself rolling my eyes, flabbergasted and irritated at whatever inane religious, political, or self-involved posting is scrolling by -- not to mention the latest pop/celebrity news in the feed on the right side. And twitter keeps it raw. If that's too tough for the more highbrow or "serious" amongst us, then don't use the service. Go update your linkedin or something.
Jul 22 seattlestew commented on WATCH: Dave Meinert Shoved in Parks Meeting Melee! (Or Something!).
LOL fucking Seattle. Shoving matches over parks funding. Sounds about right.
Jul 19 seattlestew commented on Seattle City Council Members Reject Progressive Metro Funding Proposal, Send Sales Tax Package to Fall Ballot Instead.
@37 Hit the nail on the head in re: to Ms. Holcomb's (@29) vague, eloquent, politician-speak.

In re: to Ms. Holcomb's considering running against Councilwoman Sawant, I agree wholeheartedly with @53. Ms. Holcomb, you do wonderful work for the people of this state that I and many others respect and are very grateful for. Running against Councilwoman Sawant seems counterproductive in, ironically, the way that you feel the $15 minimum wage discussion became. I don't see Councilwoman Sawant's rallying working class people to place pressure on the City Council and the Mayor to take action that can improve workers' lives as counterproductive. Local businesses had a say, and they received many concessions. Such is politics. If you are considering being a candidate for public office one day, hopefully you understand that -- which I believe you do. You may just be having trouble accepting it.

In closing, I'm not a hardcore Sawant supporter. I recognize that she has shortcomings as a politician and probably even as a person. Abrasive personalities and tough rhetoric might hurt lawmakers' and stakeholders' feelings. This voter prefers clear stances, action, and results. Ms. Sawant has given us all of those. Hopefully you will one day as well.

Jul 11 seattlestew commented on A Year Without Eyman.
Progressive taxation and actual governance in this back-asswards state.
Jul 7 seattlestew commented on Seattle City Council Repeals Its Ordinance Regulating Rideshare Companies Like UberX and Lyft.
Glad to see The Stranger doesn't have a political writer who can cover this local issue in house. I mean, it's not like the publication hasn't had any vocally supportive writers criticizing the taxi dinosaurs and championing the hipster-friendly TNCs... Oh, wait...

Also, it's fun to see The Stranger and Sawant on opposite sides of an issue. And to see The Stranger advocating the liberalization (doesn't mean what you think it does, kids) of the taxi market. Onward to Galt's Gulch Sloggers!

Anyway, The Stranger's Capitol Hill, white, techy hipster audience rejoices. Down with smelly immigrants who can't speak English, create a proper phone app, nor drive black town cars in sleek dark suits as befitting such a hip, stylish city.
Apr 22 seattlestew commented on Tunnel Machine Taking a Year Off.
And no one wants to be standing at the press conference podium when the firing squad comes out demanding answers and/or heads. Will anyone apologize for this clusterfuck? Will anyone acknowledge this thing has been beset by mistakes that were perfectly foreseeable? Will any "leader" in this city/state ask propose re-thinking this decision? You're gonna hear a whole lot of this to justify continuing with this project.
Apr 18 seattlestew commented on Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar File Referendum, Suspend City's Rideshare Ordinance.
Yeah, fuck these TNCs and their libertarian-tech overlords. Seattle's new offer should be this: nothing. GTFO. You had your chance, but you blew it. Start fining and arresting these motherfuckers and run them out of town. I'm sure the young, moneyed tech set will cry their little eyes out, but fuck them too. Ride the bus/streetcar, bike, walk or -- GASP -- take a cab from your over-priced condo in SLU to Amazon HQ and your cubicle where you can die slowly.
Apr 18 seattlestew commented on Do People Understand the Difference Between Washington State's Two Opposing Gun Initiatives?.
I feel like I may have read this somewhere else days ago. Where was that again? If only The Stranger had someone dedicated to reporting news like this...
Apr 15 seattlestew commented on Survey Reveals Men's Rights Activists Are Almost Entirely White, 17 to 20 Years Old.
... and 100 percent are stupid fucking navel-gazers, and some of them may even pull their heads out of their asses some day and do something good with their lives.
Apr 15 seattlestew commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
It's the annual Asshole Sale!

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