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Oct 31, 2012 momof3 commented on Don't Be Charter Fooled.
Have you been inside of a kindergarten class where 5 year olds are forced to sit through 90 minute reading blocks? (Where teachers are forced to use reading curriculum that is completely scripted,designed by an "education reform" company.) I have experienced this scenario, as I work in the public schools as a substitute. My point is that schools already are not free from corporate influence in the classroom. In addition, many children do not know how to draw simple pictures with crayons, but they can read (or decode well) and can write a few letters with their pencils. Toys and playtime have been eliminated from most all day kindergartens. Maybe they will pass standardized tests at a young age, but who cares? What will these kids be like when they are 30 or 40? How is this focus on testing good for their development as children? Seriously, please find a different argument for education reform besides advocating for early childhood academic learning. Play develops the mind as well as social capacities. Art develops the mind and creativity. Go look to Finland or other Western countries where there are excellent public education systems in place. Or go interview your local private Waldorf school about their philosophy on the matter and how Waldorf graduates score later on with testing. I am not for 1040 as I do not trust the money behind it. However, there is much about the public system here that needs to be fixed.
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Oct 31, 2012 momof3 commented on Don't Be Charter Fooled.
Your argument is totally logical and it is very telling to see who is funding 1240. However, I disagree that early childhood learning (ie early academics) to increase test scores is the only proven method. Have you been inside a full day kindergarten class where 5 year olds are sitting through 90 minute reading blocks? I have as a substitute teacher, and the situation is sad! These kids don't know how to color with pictures, but they will score well on reading tests!! Who cares??!!! Please, go look at Finland's educational system (there will be a conference in Seattle about this issue on Nov. 13) and the secret to their success. Or go look at a local (private) Waldorf school and see what their approach to early childhood learning is. Or look at German kindegartens, many of which are outdoor for nearly the entire day. The conversation should not be about high test scores, it should be about providing the right environment for appropriate development to take place.

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