Aug 4, 2016 dan10things commented on We Saw You Paying in Pennies at PCC, Playing a Concert in Bare Feet, and Giving Us John Wayne Gacy Nightmares.
Woah, I thought I was on the Seattle Times website, when did the Stranger start getting filled with clueless NIMBY rants?
May 2, 2016 dan10things commented on Fuck Everything About May Day in Seattle.
#10 - That's every weekend, shouldn't we do something special for May Day?
Apr 7, 2016 dan10things commented on Savage Love.
@37 - Plan, plan, plan! For sexytimes dates with other poly partners in a shared home, partners sharing the home should negotiate, plan and agree on when they can happen or they should happen elsewhere. Planning your own date and hangouts with friends is a great way to do it when you want to free up your home for your partner to have one of their other partners over.
Mar 9, 2016 dan10things commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Open Couple May Lose Close-Minded Friend.
If your friend freaked out at a party because they saw someone make out with two different people or because they were introduced to one of your other partners, then your friend must not go to a lot of parties or be much of a friend. For fuck's sake, you are going to see and hear a lot more than that at your average bar or club in this town.

A word of advice, being openly non-monogamous or poly, you will find pretty quickly who your true friends are. You will also see your friend group evolve, quite wonderfully, to include more poly and poly-friendly folks. I've been poly for over 15 years, my friends all know, they get to meet all my partners and they are open and friendly with them--because they are awesome friends who love and support me for who I am. Yes, that meant a few friends faded away over the years, but now when throw parties everyone gets along great, the arguments instead are about music and what kind of shots to drink next.
Oct 13, 2015 dan10things commented on Bike Activists! I Have Seen the Future! You're Going To Hate It!.
I was recently in London, Paris and Amsterdam. All were flatter than here so they had a lot of 3 speed cruiser bikes that are heavy and had multiple racks (with a passenger riding on the rack fairly often). Those bikes just can't go fast, especially with the added weight, work/going out clothes, the sheer number of bikes on the road, and the biggie... Europeans just don't rush around like we do, they like to take things slower, take their time, they stop and smell the roses. It's a different culture and a different pace of life. It's not just about more bike lanes and bikes, put those same things here and we will still all be in a hurry.
Oct 8, 2015 dan10things commented on Send In The Clowns! Hundreds of Hilarious, Facepainted People May Have Saved Shorty's Pinball.
Honestly, that couple blocks on second avenue are the only redeeming businesses left in downtown Seattle. If the Rendezvous through the Rabbit Hole were raised, I'd never go downtown again, it would loose it's uniqueness, everything else downtown can be found in other neighborhoods with better restaurants.
Oct 8, 2015 dan10things commented on A Few Thoughts About the Creep Who Heckled Angel Olsen During Her Show at Neumos Last Night.
@6 The Mount Baker tunnel is that big long tunnel you go through to enter Seattle after crossing the I-90 bridge from the Eastside. Bridge and tunnel crowd has always meant people from the East Side coming into Seattle to get drunk and stupid for the night before heading back to suburbia.
Aug 28, 2015 dan10things commented on Landlords Are Giving Special Deals to Amazon and Microsoft Workers.
@40 - A friend lived in one of these apartments near the Seattle Center for a year when he moved to town to work for Microsoft. They are insanely over priced buildings that have up to 40% vacancy rates and tons of turnover. They think their niche to filling the apartments is to woo wealthy tech workers with incentives and they usually get free advertising and promotion out of it from the companies, who recommend these buildings. The employees rent jumps to normal in a month or two and as they get to know the city they realize they are paying 25-45% over market value rent rates and usually either break their lease or bail when it's up in 12 months. I don't condone the practice in anyway, but I'm positive the landlords are doing it to simply fill the apartments at their over-flated rent rates that they can't otherwise fill.
Aug 28, 2015 dan10things commented on Landlords Are Giving Special Deals to Amazon and Microsoft Workers.
Does anyone besides Microsoft and Amazon employees want to live in overpriced apartments in Kirkland, SeaTac and Bellevue anyway?
Aug 18, 2015 dan10things commented on City Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide on Turning the Viaduct into a Park, but Isn’t Happy About It.
Anything that doesn't please the developers that have long pushed for the teardown and the tunnel disaster makes me smile a little. Here they campaigned for taxpayers to pay for all these projects that would massively increase their property values and now voters are trying to throw a wrench in their plans.