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Apr 14 dan10things commented on I, Anonymous.
I've had to deal with graffiti clean up, it's a total pain in the ass. Someone just tagged a bunch of spots in the park by my house, it's lame. I'm not really sure the best way to deal with it, but it's definitely on the rise around the city and it's something that every small business and apartment building has to deal with.
Apr 9 dan10things commented on Comcast Outage Renews Calls for a Non-Corporate-Overlord Internet Provider in Seattle.
No one seems to know how to spell oxymoron.
Apr 2 dan10things commented on Derschangigan's Is Real, and Open Now: Exclusive Photos!.
No mention of the name being a poke at local bar and restaurant owner Linda Derschang?
Mar 25 dan10things commented on Take Your Burning Rage from Yesterday's Traffic Mess and Fire It Toward Olympia.
I biked home from work in 20 minutes, I wasn't even aware there was worse traffic than normal until today.
Mar 16 dan10things commented on Four Places You Can Get Delicious Fish 'n' Chips for Less Than $10.
Spud's is sub-par, it's usually soggy. I really like Pacific Inn on a hot Summer day, eating on their back deck fish and chips with a beer. But you have to be down for the seasoned breading.
Mar 4 dan10things commented on Um, What Happened with Kim Gordon's Interview at the Neptune Last Night?.
Kim Gordon is an introvert and shy, she's never been much of a public speaker. The reports of this whole book tour have been similar. It takes a comedian like Patton Oswalt or a dynamic personality like Legs McNeil to pull off one of these types of interviews, I don't think her publicist did her any favors by going ahead with this book tour, she just doesn't have the type of dynamic personality that's needed for it.
Feb 4 dan10things commented on RIP, Underground Performance Space the Josephine.
Huge thanks to the residents that opened up their home, the promoters that booked the space, the bands that played their, the volunteers that ran shows (and even stocked it with a few pinball games) and everyone that attended and supported the shows. I only went to half a dozen shows there, but all of them were great fun and I loved the vibe, I love house shows and underground venues and I'm sure more will pop up with the same spirit, adventure and artistic and musical freedom that larger rock clubs and bars can't quite provide.
Feb 3 dan10things commented on #CapHillPSA Joins the Growing Public Art Response to Capitol Hill's Affluent Asshole Invasion.
That neighborhood went to shit when most of the people complaining about it going to shit now moved in 15 or 20 years ago. You put enough bars all within walking distance then coax them over from the Eastside for the Capitol Hill Block Party every Summer to show them how fun it is, and then you are surprised when they start showing up every Friday and Saturday night.

I'm not going to whine about the old days, things change and evolve, you adapt. And for me that means enjoying Capitol Hill's bars and restaurants Sunday-Thursday and going to Ballard, Georgetown and other neighborhoods on the weekends that aren't inundated with Buffy and Bif.
Jan 2 dan10things commented on I, Anonymous.
While the woman should have been open about having a boyfriend, does anyone really go looking for more than sex on Tinder? And does finding out she has a boyfriend and a different dating style mean she's a slut/twat/bitch/whore? Most guys would have been mildly disappointed, it takes a rare misogynistic jerk to write a newspaper a letter whining about a Tinder date and slut shaming the date anonymously. I'm not finding a lot of sympathy for either player.
Oct 30, 2014 dan10things commented on Hollaback!, Queen Latifah, Anti-Street Harassment, and the Decline of Hiphop.
I didn't even notice the skin color, and in all of the commentaries I've seen people have just been calling the harassers men and not mentioning if they are white or black. Seems like maybe most people didn't jump to the conclusion that it's anything more than men in general.

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