Nov 30, 2012 RianneO commented on Kenny G's Manager Calls Us Up to Shout at Us About the Slog vs. Kenny G Holiday Charity Challenge.
Ok, so what if like, The Stranger raises a SHIT TON of money for Northwest Harvest, and then like, Kenny G shows up and DONATES more and actually WINS the Stranger VS. Kenny G. challenge that is no more! Can you imagine how fking awesome of a feel good holiday movie this would make??? You even have the anti-joy bad guy: angry manager! Grinch, Scrooge, ANGRY MANAGER! It's perfect!

P.S. Isn't it funny how he's a white jazz musician with the name "G"? tee hee hee
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May 7, 2009 RianneO commented on Regrets.
I thought you did good. Bristol Palin's mothers ideals are the perfect example of why teen pregnancy is a problem. You cant tell girls that they have to be abstinate ( because its not going to happen), then deny them sexual education that would teach them how to prevent pregnancy and offer them birth control resources, tell them they cant have an abortion because its a sin, AND THEN WONDER WHY GIRLS HAVE BABIES. That just doesn't work. Common sense. I think the most important thing is that teenage girls need to be made aware of the birth control resources that are available to them. I was on yahoo answers earlier, and theres like a million girls asking "Am I pregnant?". Its sad, if these girls were informed, they would know where they can go and get a free test and birth control and talk to a health professional instead of asking around on the internet to try to figure out whether or not they are pregnant. Abstinance only sex-ed is a joke.