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Aug 17, 2016 Andrew_Taylor commented on Why Is There a Surveillance Tower Outside CenturyLink Stadium?.
Reminds me of "War of the Worlds".
Jun 24, 2016 Andrew_Taylor commented on A Trans Person Was Attacked on Capitol Hill Last Night.
A gender-neutral singular for "they" would help. "Thon" (short for "that one") was proposed a decade or two but sank like the proverbial lead balloon. BTW the late Oliver Sacks realized the concept of the lead balloon: "More than fifty years later (for my sixty-fifth birthday), I was able to gratify this boyhood fantasy, and had, besides the normal helium balloons, a few xenon balloons of astonishing density — as near to "lead balloons" as could be. . . If one twirled these xenon balloons in one's hand, then stopped, the heavy gas by its own momentum, would continue rotating for a minute, almost as if it were a liquid."
May 13, 2016 Andrew_Taylor commented on The Morning News: Students Walk Out of UW Classes, Teachers Union Sues to Block Charter Schools.
"Hundreds of activists are gathering in Anacortes this weekend for protests aimed at keeping fossil fuels in the ground" - will they all be paddling or pedaling to Anacortes, or will fossil fuels be involved?
Apr 7, 2016 Andrew_Taylor commented on Sound Transit Explains Why It Can't Run Trains After 12:35 a.m..
Several of the lines on the Chicago L run all night. I know they're old but I bet they've been upgraded with computers and stuff. Another answer is to schedule maintenance for Sunday late night (when fewer people are out partying, resting up for work on Monday) or for Monday late night (when restaurants etc are often closed for their day off).
Nov 25, 2015 Andrew_Taylor commented on Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Calling for Another Protest on Black Friday.
@5 "So next time you go all preachy on us and call up the late Dr. King, don't forget that we use the tactics he helped invent. " Ghandi?…
Nov 24, 2015 Andrew_Taylor commented on What If the City Allowed Homeless Encampments in Residential Neighborhoods?.
OK, so Tent City's 2nd stay at St. Joe's was in 2006:……

(Tent City has also been to St. Marks several times, but that's a much bigger lot that backs onto a steep ravine0
Nov 24, 2015 Andrew_Taylor commented on What If the City Allowed Homeless Encampments in Residential Neighborhoods?.
Tent City 3 spent two summers in the playground of St. Joseph's School (ie adjacent to St. Joseph's Catholic Church at 19th & Aloha) on Capitol Hill, in 2004 and (a guess) 2005. This location is surrounded by single family homes in a single family zoned neighborhood.…

There were, as I recall, NO problems whatsoever. As I recall, many neighbors turned out for informational meetings in 2003 and 2004 and were generally supportive. Tent City was such a non-event (issues-wise) that attendance at the 2005 informational meetings was noticeably sparse.
Nov 18, 2015 Andrew_Taylor commented on Lisa Herbold Holds On to Narrow Lead Over Shannon Braddock with a Handful of New Ballots Counted.
As of today in District 1:
27,701 ballots counted. 12,428 for Herbold, 12,403 for Braddock, 163 write-ins.
That leaves 2,707 votes unaccounted for. Did that many people NOT vote for their District candidate? Or spoil their ballot? Or not sign it? Or what?
Aug 31, 2015 Andrew_Taylor commented on That Washington State Law I May Have Broken Might Be Unconstitutional.
@8: see WA State absentee ballot voter instructions - @4 describes exactly what you are instructed to do in case of error.