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Jun 30 El Matardillo commented on Why San Francisco Sucks and Why Density Alone Cannot Save Seattle From Becoming a San Francisco.
"The best results possible for the poor can only be achieved if our city removes a large part of its housing stock from the market."

Charles, if you really believe this, then you are a fool.
Jun 6 El Matardillo commented on Want to Do Something About Gun Violence? Here's Where to Start..
No gun control. No compromise. Ever.
Feb 11 El Matardillo commented on Governor Inslee Suspends the Death Penalty in Washington State.
He's busy trying to kill the entire economy, so a few prisoners either way won't make much difference. Priorities!
Feb 4 El Matardillo commented on 50,000 Guns.
Hahaha, confiscate guns. Go ahead, give it a go. Don't be surprised when that effort fails. Expect an abrupt change of government shortly thereafter.
Jan 9 El Matardillo commented on These Guys Deliver Weed to Your Door.
Capitalism and the free market are awesome.
Jan 7 El Matardillo commented on What They Really Think of Us.
Rodney Tom is a great man and superb legislator. Long live Rodney Tom!
Jan 7 El Matardillo commented on Council Member Kshama Sawant at Inauguration: "I Wear the Badge of Socialist with Honor".
Not too worried...if she were ever to become a real danger to the monied interests in this city, she would be gone and never heard from again.
Nov 27, 2013 El Matardillo commented on Wage War.
That silence you'll hear will be the sound of entry level and low-tech jobs that have moved outside the city forever.
Nov 23, 2013 El Matardillo commented on Kshama Sawant's Brash Style Catapulted Her to Victory.
I support Kshama Sawant because no one else on the local political scene can illustrate so dramatically and well the bankrupt and tired cliché of actual 1960's socialism.

This woman is an idiot, her supporters are idiots, and their efforts will be for naught when she is thrown out of office two years hence, having accomplished nothing.

I support her like I support Ed Murray. Both of them are now in positions where they can do little harm to others outside the bubble of cluelessness that is Seattle.

Nov 9, 2013 El Matardillo commented on Why McGinn Lost.
I am delighted that Ed Murray won, because it removes him from the legislature where he could actually do some damage. As Mayor of Seattle, he will be little danger to anyone I care about.

Also, @114, the reason bicycles are so successful in Amsterdam is because it's as flat as a pancake. Not so much, here in Seattle. Fuck the bike lanes.

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