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Sep 19, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on A Reminder from the Department of Not All Religions/Churches Are Trying to Strip You of Your Rights.
Sex-ed isn't just for teens, anymore.
"Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality Education Curricula... a series of sexuality education curricula for six age groups: grades K-1, grades 4-6, grades 7-9, grades 10-12, young adults (ages 18-35), and adults."

Resources for DIY/virtual church

Sep 19, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on Romney, Losing Independents, Listlessly Picks at His Food.
Picking at his food, wondering, "Where's the beef?"
Jul 2, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on Alleged Police Impersonators Rob US Navy Man on Capitol Hill.
You can tell they weren't real SPD officers because there was no report of pepper spray or TASER use, old school excessive force (i.e., the SPD trademark baton or knee-to-the-back lo-tech police brutality), racial obscenities.
Jun 25, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on Yet Another Account of the Police Going Nuts on Pride Celebrants and Protesters Last Weekend.
So given a hypothetical person with a history of potentially life-threatening asthma is similarly attacked, without provocation and against written policy, by a SPD thug using unauthorized pepper spray, and the asthmatic has a concealed carry permit, when they they're forced to defend themselves from deadly assault under color of authority by shooting the pig they can claim self-defense right?
May 30, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on Everybody's Talking About Mitt Romney, but Not in the Way That Mitt Romney Wants.
Still, Trump gets props for best photo-bomb/product-placement coup, simply by having some of his people move and park one of his planes, at one of the airports at which he owns a hanger or two.
Jan 25, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on Occupy Seattle May Streamline Decision-Making.
a slimmer and hipper majority than that old tyrannical one
Jan 18, 2012 BiCycleRider commented on Hilarious Twitter Feed of People Outraged They Can't Use Wikipedia Today.
I hope google still works, cause I've gotta look up where the school library is.
Dec 29, 2011 BiCycleRider commented on Bellingham Police Dress in Full Riot Gear to Clear Unarmed, Nonviolent Occupy Campers.
I'd love to see the Occupiers roll out to meet the cops, all dressed in colorful, festive clown costumes. Not ICP so much as balloon animal-making clowns, water-spraying lapel flower clowns...sort of the anti-matter, alternaverse answer to the police and their Violent Clowns performances.
Dec 16, 2011 BiCycleRider commented on Seattle Police Say Monday's Port Protest Was "Not Peaceful," Release Video of Protesters Throwing Things at Officers.
"It’s scary. It’s very scary.” Also, he said: "It's very dangerous."
Well, guess what, pigs? It's very dangerous to deprive US citizens of their civil rights. The Feds are already coming down on you violent, arrogant, bigoted assholes, and if they can't make you clean up your unconstitutional act, then the body politic will. Say goodbye to your sweetheart union contracts and get ready to face the real world. Fuckers.
Dec 12, 2011 BiCycleRider commented on The Nation On the Wheels Coming Off OWS: Depressing—But Required—Reading.
Ah, so OWS is like the government's legislative branch, then.