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Aug 8 diminished commented on Attention: There is Apparently a Sweet Circus Happening Right Now in Burien.
whoa. any idea of a more specific location? cause i want to party on down mexican circus style!
Aug 1 diminished commented on Sub Pop Signs Seattle MC Porter Ray.
ah man. its like your just rubbing it in that the shabazz show is sold out.
Jun 23 diminished commented on Monday Morning News: Last Night, Another Shooting.
'the Bellingham' ?
May 26 diminished commented on Festival Virgin, Part Three.
@2 - shut yr mouth! i love the music coverage all up in this mamba jamba! also: i vote no on the all mudede.
Apr 30 diminished commented on Lunchtime Quickie: A Tiny Hamster Eats a Tiny Burrito.
holy shit that was awesome. i think i just cute OD'd
Apr 11 diminished commented on Short Film Friday: Another Planet Threatened by Capital.
beautiful setting. wonderful acting. lovely story. well shot and edited. many thanks for this gem.
Mar 5 diminished commented on The Music of Trees.
i love the cyclical nature of the internet. this was shown first in 2011 and was a huge deal all over the internet. then we all forgot about it. for whatever reason (did the vinyl just get released?) its started showing back up on twitter feeds and facebook a couple weeks ago, and now its making the blog circuit again. everything old is new again!
Feb 27 diminished commented on Kurt Cobain or Steve Jobs: Whose Statue Is Uglier?.
no 'both are hideous, burn them, burn them now' option?
Feb 26 diminished commented on "The Glass Over the Salad Bar Seems to Keep the Foods Protected.".
where does the original review live? i cant seem to find it, google non withstanding.
Feb 21 diminished commented on Lunchtime Quickie: KING 5 News "Honors" a Well-Known Heroin Addict.
wait wait wait. that guy is a doctor? now?

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