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Jan 3, 2012 Rev.Smith commented on Vacuum Tubes?.
We're not exporting $37B in guitar amp tubes. oy. *facepalm*

@55 even at that highest price, you're talking about three-quarters-of-a-MILLION of those 50K tubes going out (or nearly 4 million of them at $10K each)

$37B is a HUGE number.
thanks @48 . under those defintions LIGHT BULBS (including those $300-$2000 ones for film/TV) are also vacuum tubes, so it's starting to make more sense.
Jan 3, 2012 Rev.Smith commented on Better Pay Attracts Better Teachers.
The Rev's easybake new school reform recipe/brainstorm:
LOWER CLASS SIZE (to ~ 1:15 ratio);
GIVE INSTRUCTOR RAISES TO PUT SALARIES IN COMPETITION WITH PRIVATE SCHOOLS (and actually build schools that COMPETE with private schools and use economics of supply/demand to put them out of business);
DROP STUDENT TESTING DOWN TO 3 PER SCHOOL CAREER (grade, middle and high)...(but institute principal and administrator testing for job evals);

@31: yes, pay can attract better workers. but workers do better and increase innovation when they are given total freedom to create + LESS 'managing'. BETTER, EVEN, THAN GIVING THEM outrageous RAISES. see also Dan Pink's RSA talk on "What Motivates" and the MIT study here:…
aside: slog is something which must be filled daily? Oy.

@12: add also; Year after year, teacher unions ask for ONE THING: smaller class size. Listen to the teachers!**
@32: If fairness/financial equity is paramount, redraw the districts then, like congress.
@35: word. Bad and good WORKERS exist in any organization, regardles of industry (Gov however seems especially good at gathering in their top ranks more of the latter).
@thatsnotright: isn't that quote a question posed to Batman from the Riddler?
@Fnarf: Name one american cell phone battery FACTORY and I'll name a battery engineer. =)
@5 get rid of the tests - problem solved.
@60/65: you seriously think a teacher's duties are limited to 7.5 - 10 hrs /day for only the mandated 180 school days? I don't know these teachers. in SPS, ISD, LWSD, etc 40% additional time is typical (12+ hrs/day for 180days or 6 day workweek), and CE eats up an average of 3 to 5 weeks of the 'summer break'. The "summers off" lazy teacher is as rare and inaccurate as the '100% Bootstraps Student' meme.

...Doubling the number of teachers in the union scares somebody, I guess.

Jan 2, 2012 Rev.Smith commented on Better Pay Attracts Better Teachers.
@64: Ah, but in private schools, the teachers ARE treated like this. Rare are the public schools where this is the case, but there's an occasional similarity...
So what's the deciding difference in contrast to public schools? The pay? The hours? Class size? I think these are factors that weave together, but I think above all: "Parental/family/community respect for education". No one in a private school spends their energy on a bitch&moan blog or writing eloquent protests to stupid decisions at board meetings; no one expects the school to feed 2 square meals to their special little snowflake for free; no one treats the institution as their rightful free daycare.
They are there to learn (even if their kids aren't always).
Jan 2, 2012 Rev.Smith commented on What Is SPD Thinking?.
Is it possible they WANT the fed lawsuit?

Think what could be gained, and by whom...

Dec 14, 2011 Rev.Smith commented on ILWU: Workers Will Not Be Paid for Lost Shift at Terminal 18.
"Please people, read about the history of popular movements challenging entrenched interests, and how they achieved their goals. I can't think of one that worked exclusively in the political system. "
It's not my fault you can't think. Perhaps you've heard of this tibetan guy that goes by 'his holiness'? PFLAG and the entire gay rights movement? Coprenicus & Galileo? Women's suffrage? The Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace that ended an entire civil war? Lysistrata & La huelga de las piernas cruzadas ? you might also want to read this:…

also mainly political: The fall of the iron curtain?? The end of slavery in Trinidad 1834? Hong Kong's liberation from british colony status? The unification of Scotland and Britain (arguably popular)? the 1943 Danish 'negotiation under protest'? The Free Lanka bill of 1945?

The mistake here is to think that ONLY the political system would yield results - that's as ridiculous as thinking ONLY violence would yield a group's achieved goals.
But violence and/or blockades ARE not necessary to get popular movments past entrenched interests: the Mayflower pilgrims managed to find a peaceful solution to persecution. And then there's that lawyer guy in 1922/1934 India that was so skinny. Mother Teresa? Martin Luther King? ...ffs "put your sword back in it's place" - Matt.26:52

Ok, so can you think of one of your 'popular uprisings' that didn't end in senseless and often bigoted violence?? French Revolution anyone? Civil war? Korean war?

Dec 14, 2011 Rev.Smith commented on Cornering Reichert.
hmm. It seems he cornered you.
Dec 14, 2011 Rev.Smith commented on Marriage Equality Bill Will Explicitly Allow Churches to Deny Services to Same-Sex Couples.
@3 it IS enshrined in federal law already - first amendment covers it don't you think? And Unless the church is built on public land, the goings on inside -and who's invited- are subject to private property rules just the same as private colleges, rich men's clubs, McDonald's, and your house. "No shirt, no shoes, no christ, = no service" seems fair enough to me.
Licenses are not inherently 'religious' (you know, since they're a fawking piece of paper and all) so no, a clerk can't refuse to issue licenses (and expect to keep their job) anymore than a pacificist cop can refuse to fire their gun at a criminal about to kill a bunch of cops.

I'd say to judges, clerks, pharmacists, et al that want to put religion as their 'reason' for bullying and bigotry: You chose the job , dumbass. If your beliefs were so damned important, you'd have more integrity about how you make a living. I also have no pity for conscientious objectors who've gone through bootcamp - and vegans who work at burger joints. Fuck 'em all.
Dec 14, 2011 Rev.Smith commented on Of Ice and Men.
While @4 is totally right, @1 seemingly hasn't a clue how good/cool municipal urban ice rinks usually run: made of real ICE outdoors, even if it's 50 to 70 degrees out. Like the one at rockefeller center, or at union square in SF (or the ice in Key Arena even). Hire a generator FFS if there's not enough power at the park.

The bigger offense, and clearly what set her and anyone else off- is watering down good coffee: That's unforgivable in this town..

Dec 14, 2011 Rev.Smith commented on Graffiti I Should Have Done.
It's the same person that wrote "You are asleep" all over everything 6 months back...
Dec 14, 2011 Rev.Smith commented on Where Do They Go Now?.
Where do they go now? Home. hurrhurrhurr

No, but seriously, take it to the battleground, to the 1%; not the college campus that the 1% has never bothered to even drive past much less think about.

Take it to the 1%, or to the politicians.

ah But I repeat myself...