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Nov 5, 2012 HadEnoughAndThenSome commented on Family Fights for Control of Mentally-Disabled Woman's Uterus.
First this women was adopted at the age of 12 (from Costa Rica), at which point I have to assume her adoptive parents were well aware of her disabilities. She is now living in a group home. I'm sure that is because she became to much to handle (financially and emotionally) to take care of at home.
It is obvious that since she has epileptic seizures and has the mental ability of a six year old..she has some genetic issues. I'm sure the guy that "slept" her has some too. The overpopulated planet does not need more people with genetic issues that can not take care of themselves.
The taxpayers have been on the hook for this adoption from the word go. I'm sure the "parents" have not finacially contributed to her care for years. Having an abortion is the right choice. Her tubes should have been tied years ago. Sorry but not everyone should be a parent...that goes from having a child and raising it to be an adult, or just giving birth.
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