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10:31 PM yesterday Mr_Friendly commented on Playin’ in the Band: The Grateful Dead’s Long Strange Trip.
@2 Wouldn't that be a good reason to review it? I'm sure Deadheads will love this movie without hesitation, so perhaps someone who's not as big of a fan will write a more objective review for the merely curious moviegoers.
May 4 Mr_Friendly commented on The Morning News: Republicans Likely to Pass Disastrous Healthcare Bill, Are the Criminal Records of Murray's Accusers Relevant?.
@5 That's what I thought. Republicans are rolling over for next to nothing in order to give Lyin' Ryan and the Golfer in Chief a "win". Even Reichert said he wants to help the President out, even though he knows his constituents are overwhelmingly against it. I kinda hope the Republicans do get the votes today so their constituents can see with their own eyes who doesn't have their best interests in mind and need to be voted out next year.
May 1 Mr_Friendly commented on The Leftovers Recap, “Crazy Whitefella Thinking": Faith or Insanity?.
The Australian police chief's last name was not Garvey. The woman who killed him was just going on the name Kevin, as written in the manuscript she found in Kevin Sr's hand. But yeah, it's all about that thin line between belief and delusion so many of these characters are riding. What's a little cultural appropriation if a magic chicken tells you to sing the flood away?

The guy who immolated himself in the Outback may provide a clue as to what happens next. I thought he was just another despondent leftover, but he was probably conned by the people in Melbourne who told him they could take him to the other side. Did Mark Linn-Baker just reinvent himself as a huckster who visits luxury hotels to gather potential marks and throw their cell phones in the toilet?
Mar 31 Mr_Friendly commented on Yesterday, Michael Flynn Asked For Immunity. Today the Question Is, Why?.
@11 In the announcement to the press Flynn's lawyer made the immunity offer so as to avoid being caught in a "witch hunt" and "unfair prosecution" which sounds too much like the rhetoric coming out of the White House, so I'm also inclined to think his testimony will be garbage. I'd rather see Sally Yates testify, but it seems like the White House is trying to stop that from happening, regardless of what Spicey Sphincter says.
Mar 27 Mr_Friendly commented on More Than 1,000 People Are Moving to Seattle Every Week, Census Report Shows.
Whenever I hear about different cities around the country gaining a bunch of new arrivals, I always wonder what places are losing people, and apparently it's New York. Never would have guessed that.
Mar 24 Mr_Friendly commented on Trumpcare Fails to Even Make It to a House Vote.
The Golfer in Chief is blaming the Dems for the failure of Trumpcare. Like they were ever asked to participate at all in that disastrous bill. Worst projection ever.
Mar 2 Mr_Friendly commented on Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath.
So it's totally normal for the Russian ambassador (and apparently a top Russian spy??) to show up at the RNC and have conversations with a top campaign adviser and future nominee for Attorney General? Yeah, I'm sure they were just talking about where to eat in Cleveland. Nothing to see here folks, stop treating Jeff Sessions so unfairly dishonest media!
Feb 27 Mr_Friendly commented on Holy Shit, What Just Happened at the Oscars?.
The Oscars also managed to mistakenly put a photo of a living person in the "In Memoriam" montage. Should've just blamed it all on Matt Damon.…