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Nov 6, 2012 moosesmom joined My Stranger Face
Nov 6, 2012 moosesmom joined My Stranger Face
Nov 6, 2012 moosesmom commented on RIP Bob Quinn.
My husband and I were Moose's owners. Moose died without warning just before midnight on September 13. It was a devastating blow to all of us and telling Bob that he had died the following day is one of the hardest things I have had to do. We had planned to have Bob take care of our new dog when we got one, and we have been looking but have not found one yet.

Bob was a part of our family for almost a decade. He was a wry, decent, kind, and gentle man. His work at the needle exchange was brave and so important. It is terribly hard to lose both Moose and Bob in such quick succession.

Harris's death was hard for Bob, but he also felt she never really left him. I think it made a huge difference to him to continue to walk Sadie until she passed and Moose. It absolutely breaks my heart to read that he left a note that said he had "nothing more to care for" as I have been so very worried about precisely this potential turn of events and we were trying to get a dog quickly.

I believe Bob is with Harris, Moose, Daisy, and Sadie and I hope that he is in a better place now. But we who are left here without him are bereft. Rest in gentle peace, Bob. We miss you.