Jan 5, 2013 charlie commented on Fireworks at the Needle, and How Should I Quit Smoking (Again)?.
The book by Alan Carr, after 2 months of Chantix. It worked for me and I haven't had a single craving since August 2007 when I quit. Chantix got me to the point where I could see how nice it was not to smoke, not to walk into an event and instantly start scanning the exits to see which one the smokers were ducking out of, not to constantly watch the clock to see when I could acceptable duck out of an event to go grab a quick smoke. The Chantix got me down to a few cigarettes a day, to the point where the book really made sense, and then I quit completely. I had cravings for a few weeks but I can honestly say that no matter how bad the craving was, I never wanted to smoke.
Dec 14, 2012 charlie commented on Thoughts on the Shooting from a Public School Teacher.
Home schooled in a gun closet is not a dig at home schooling. It's a dig at the folks who home school to brain wash their kids without any reality counter-balancing it. Not all home schoolers do this, but people who try to do this home school. Cults, freaky mountain militia types, like that. Don't get your home schooled panties in a twist over it.
Dec 12, 2012 charlie commented on Density and Refrigeration.
It's always nice to read another post by Charles on how country folks is stupid and city folks is smart. I mean, we rural folks serve no purpose and disgust the writer, so he should definitely keep posting about how much he hates us all over and over forever. It really never gets old being insulted every time I read Slog.
Charles, we get it. You can stop whining about how not everyone lives in a city now. Really. Shut up.
Dec 11, 2012 charlie commented on Any Seattle Restaurants Celebrating Chanukah?.
Latkes are simple. Use a box grater to grate up 3-4 potatoes and half a medium onion, mash it all into a mesh colander to wring them out, then mix in 4 beaten eggs and 4 tablespoons of flour. Drop them into oil in a heavy skillet and turn after 2 minutes. Then eat them with sour cream. They will have jagged and crunchy edged and soft middles and be wonderful. I live in Midwest BFE and the closest Jewish person is probably an hour away, so my only option is to make them. Around here, folks make "potato pancakes" out of instant mashed potatoes when they try to be inclusive. Ugh.
Nov 26, 2012 charlie commented on Let's Crowdsource This One, Shall We?.
It's only been 2 weeks. She may have a particularly embarrassing odor-causing infection she's fighting. That stuff in her panties could be Monistat. The real worry is why you trust your wife so much that you hide her evidence panties in bags and assume infidelity after only 2 weeks.
Sep 20, 2012 charlie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Doggy Style.
@6, if dogs cannot consent to sex, where do puppies come from? Or is a dog perfectly able to consent to sex with a dog (say, by voluntarily mounting it with an erection) but completely unable to consent to sex with a person (say, by voluntarily mounting it with an erection)? And when a dog tries to fuck my leg, am I raping the dog because it can't, as you've established, consent to mounting anything other than another dog? What about the stuffed monkey toy my mom's chihuahua fucks behind the couch? Is the inanimate stuffed monkey toy forcibly raping the chihuahua? Poor traumatized chihuahua. Constantly raped by shins and beanie babies alike.
Aug 31, 2012 charlie commented on Savage Love.
I gave an ex a place to crash one night and slept next to him but on top of the covers (he was under them), fully prepared to stop any advances he may make. I woke up mid-intercourse and decided to just ride it out, so to speak, as I knew from experience that it wouldn't last long anyway. Thirty seconds later he was done and I went back to sleep. 9 months later I had a daughter. I've had people tell me I was raped, since I never gave consent, but I never denied consent either so I don't buy it. Either way, waking up to sex is not as awesome as some people think it should be. You skip all the foreplay, all the fun stuff!
Aug 31, 2012 charlie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Marriage, Maybe?.
I have to disagree. If someone says "Will you marry me?" and you say yes, you've just agreed to marry them. Not to be merely engaged, or to go steady on steroids, but to marry them. At that point it becomes about setting a date, picking a best man, and planning a wedding. Anything else is just a stall tactic, and frankly I would be insulted if I asked someone to marry me and they said yes with no immediate plans to marry me. If one wants to up the ante, but not quite get married, they should ask for an engagement, not for a marriage. If they ask for a marriage and you agree to it, you owe them a marriage.
Aug 30, 2012 charlie commented on If You're Gonna Say It, Say It Right.
Christian Slater taught me differently, and he is, and will remain, the highest authority. In Gleaming The Cube, a main bad guy was named Bobby Nguyen. Bobby New-in throughout the whole movie, to everyone, born American and Vietnamese immigrant alike. I just can't change it now; the name will always be New-in to me.
Aug 9, 2012 charlie commented on Some Restaurant in Seattle Needs to Start Offering These, Like, Now.
Wait, I thought Slog was where we went to hear people bash on the Midwest and their love of butter. Fried butter at a state fair? Any food served at a Midwest state fair? Paula Deen cooking everything with butter? Aren't you guys supposed to be anti-butter, even as a treat?