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heatherly is reading her own profile. Obv.
May 2, 2013 heatherly commented on Freak Out!.
(Sorry if that sounded mean; that place was important to me.)
May 2, 2013 heatherly commented on Freak Out!.
Yeah, old Thaiku was a big beautiful dark wooden place, with the opium den downstairs and little secret hidey holes of weird art/artifacts here and there. And I loved hiding away in the softly-lit back bar, at one of the hidden corner tables, with the occasional jazz trio set up in the front. The reason "no one" remembers the interior is because "no one" you asked is a Ballard local who loved the place and visited frequently.
May 2, 2013 heatherly commented on Seattle Needs to Shame the "Real Life Superheroes" Into Retirement.
@ 67: Wait, what? Saying he doesn't want to live in a community where folks go around macing one another makes him...not a journalist?
May 2, 2013 heatherly commented on Seattle Needs to Shame the "Real Life Superheroes" Into Retirement.
Shame is the tool of religion, used to make its targets more easily manipulable because of their increased need for redemption. It is not good for society, and I think we'd do better using a different tool to remedy our own social problems.
Apr 28, 2013 heatherly commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mixed Signals.
@32: Most every website which asks users to register to comment enforces some sort of rules about what is acceptable for posting. That's the whole point; registration is meant as a deterrent which decreases the amount of actual thread policing that must be done. While Slog's policy seems to be to let people hang themselves with their own idiocy, this too must have its limits. I doubt they would allow people to post threats of violence, for example.

@ 27: It's neither presumptuous nor condescending to suggest that ignoring the comments which are being hidden on purpose is a better course of action than engaging internet trolls. I'm not attempting to show solidarity with you, although I was being humorous when I said "choose life." I seriously want you and others to stop engaging those idiots and stop clogging up the internet discourse. Slog is one of the few places where I can read the comments without wanting to expatriate; shut the goddamn door and stop letting the trolls in. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.
Apr 28, 2013 heatherly commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mixed Signals.
@ 16: A troll who has no actual investment in a topic and only wants to get people angry is far less likely to register, since they just want to drop off a steaming pile of shit and run. They won't register with their email address if they are worried about held accountable for their comments (like, receive a warning email from the administrator and then be banned from commenting if they repeatedly break the commenting rules). People whose intentions are not hateful and who are a part of this community typically have no problem with registering. This means that hidden comments are more likely be made by trolls. The shittiest part is that they frequently introduce an argument that seems like a real perspective that needs debating, when actually they are a 13 year old boy fucking around, or a person with mental health issues who doesn't represent actual public opinion. It's really actually better for all of our mental health and for the progress of liberation if we collectively agree to ignore them. Seriously, please don't respond to the hidden comments. If someone wants to join the conversation, they can take 3 minutes to sign up and confirm their email address.
Also, someone yelling at you from a truck does not equal a hidden comment on an internet thread, in that the former is intrusive and invasive and you don't have the choice not to hear it (verbal assault!), and the latter is hidden from sight and is only heard if you choose to read it. You are *choosing* to be subjected to insult!

Apr 28, 2013 heatherly commented on All the Pretty Gangstas.
Love this post.
Apr 28, 2013 heatherly commented on Sleeping with Strangers.
@ 31 and 33:

This is absolutely untrue of many shelters, tent cities, and individuals sleeping rough on our streets. I mean, yes, they need money. But they also do want and need our castoffs, and this is a much better use of them than throwing shit in the garbage. Just the action of becoming involved and making regular visits to shelters and tent cities is a step towards the kind of cultural awareness and compassion required to undo the structural inequalities that create widespread poverty and homelessness. Please don't discourage people from participating in this way.
Apr 28, 2013 heatherly commented on Slog Bible Study: Revelation 19:17-18.
@ 19: More, please!!!

Anyways, this passage clearly states that Sky Burial is the way to go. By encasing our loved ones in metal caskets, we are refusing their/our participation the cycle of life, in which dead things feed living things.
The modern xtian belief that nature is evil and man is separate from it/has dominion over it simply does not jive with the image of a god who created humans as part of nature, and is invested in the continued functioning of its processes. Acknowledging passages like this one would require letting go of some ideas used to justify environmental degradation and industrialized meat production.
So, yet again, "we can ignore our bible whenever its message conflicts with our current lifestyle or beliefs, but still use it to justify oppression and prejudice when that's convenient." Christianity is the Antichrist, I swear it.
Apr 28, 2013 heatherly commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mixed Signals.
The Slog does this lovely job of hiding comments from unregistered readers, so that we don't have to work so hard to ignore them. And then, unfailingly, someone goes and reads the hidden comment *on purpose* and starts responding to it. WHY? WHY FEED THE TROLLS?! You are giving them what they want. Just ignore the content that this website so generously filters out for you, and speak to the people who are invested enough in a topic/community to register themselves as participants and stand by their own words.