Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jun 12 jp commented on Neil Gaiman Is "Obviously Pissed at Amazon".
I don't trust the opinion of anyone married to Amanda Palmer.
Jun 12 jp commented on Neil Gaiman Is "Obviously Pissed at Amazon".
Neil Gaiman is a hack.
May 17 jp commented on Must Be in the Air Here: The Songs I Listen To When I Miss Seattle.
Robyn Hitchcock, "Viva SeaTac."
May 15 jp commented on The 2014 Stranger Genius Award Nominees Are....
Hollow Earth Radio: SO GREAT!
May 12 jp commented on Did I Eat a Pizza or a Salad?.
@8 In sauce form, sure, but fuck raw tomatoes. Only sociopaths with no interest in goodness put raw tomatoes on a perfectly good pizza. Nothing is worse than leftover pizza with flaccid, spongy slices of grainy raw tomato, an affront to pizza nearly as egregious as pineapple. Almost worse, because when you try to pry off a nasty slice of raw tomato, it takes a bunch of cheese and sauce with it.

My argument stands. Sure, your pineapple may be "good" on flatbread with cheese and some kind of sauce, but the instant one of those yellow devils hits the cheese etc., it no longer qualifies as pizza.
May 12 jp commented on Did I Eat a Pizza or a Salad?.
As soon as you add fruit, it's no longer "pizza." You could call it "artisan cheesy flatbread" or something. This goes double for any so-called "pizza" with pineapple on it, which is no longer a pizza, but an abomination.
Mar 20, 2013 jp commented on Amanda Palmer's TED Talk: "The Art Of Asking".
She is awful. HORRIBLE. And this talk is basically, "look how awesome I am, it's okay for me to take your money because I am awesome."

Dec 21, 2012 jp commented on THIS SANTA IS A GODDAMNED FAKE!!!.
He smells like beef and cheese!
Nov 1, 2012 jp commented on As Mitt Awkwardly Grins, a Romney Rally Boos Down a Protester's Mention of Climate Change.
For a split second I thought the protestor was actually a Romney supporter holding a sign that said "End Climate Science."
Oct 24, 2012 jp commented on The Self-Publishing Gold Rush Is in Full Swing.
So in your opinion, will there ever be a bust? I mean hell, as an aspiring author who's trying to go the traditional route and find a publisher/agent and get an editor and etc., it does give me pause to see complete tripe like "Fifty Shades"-- so, so bad!-- get an almost Dickensian level of popularity. Are we facing the death of quality, along with the death of print? What do you think?

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