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Feb 5, 2014 gypsysattva commented on Five Reasons Seahawks Should Be Allowed to Smoke Pot.
Sports Illustrated’s Michael McKnight reported that many NFL players “see marijuana as a viable option to the pills and injections given to them by their employers to manage the side effects of their violent occupation.” (‘Joint Account, The politics of pot in professional football’, Sports Illustrated, Nov. 25, 2013)

Dec 5, 2013 gypsysattva commented on Antidrug Activists Try to Shut Down Pot Party.
From the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s website: ‘FAQs on I-502’
Q: The initiative says I cannot consume marijuana in public. What is the definition of “in public?”
A: Initiative 502 states that it is unlawful to open/consume a package of marijuana or marijuana infused product *in view of* the general public. (

Clearly you read the rules and planned your party well.

Just what type of behavior are these fearmongers expecting, anyway? High people assembling peacefully, smiling at each other, interacting respectfully, is surely better than drunks’ idiotic aggression.

Indeed, whoever heard of a stoner starting a fight?

**Marijuana is less bad than alcohol**

I very much agree with you that I-502 and the LCB Rules "forcing potheads to stay hidden at home and outlawing communal cannabis consumption" are flawed – unless one owns one’s own home one has no legal place to get high, and furthermore, one’s home is no place to meet and commune with interesting strangers. Imagine how disappointed all the tourists next summer will be to learn that there are no hash bars, and that they (probably) can't even smoke in their hotels!

I remain thrilled, however, that we took the great leap forward and I am hopeful that together we will continue to tweak the rules and turn Georgetown into little Amsterdam.
Dec 5, 2013 gypsysattva commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
@2 I've always thought it didn't matter whether or not gay people are "born that way". The 14th Amendment test is whether one's behavior is hurting anybody; that is, the state must show a compelling interest for prohibiting behavior. The "not being a dick" test is respecting peoples' personal choices. Other arguments seem moot.

Certainly, some poly families make it work - why should they be forced to hide in the closet or be labeled bigamists - and what's so wrong with bigamy, again, anyways? It's only illegal because of an unconstitutional ban specifically targeting a religion.

A truer definition of "marriage equality" than the one we have now would include plural spouses.
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Nov 29, 2013 gypsysattva commented on Anti-Pot Cities May Get Sued.
It's the entrepreneurs considering suing cities and counties who are running a "legal risk" - on the behalf of all Washingtonians. If I-502 does end up in court, a judge may have no choice but to cite federal supremacy, opening up that can of worms. State laws trump city laws, yes, but the logical continuation of that line of reasoning is...
Nov 14, 2013 gypsysattva commented on You Can't Smoke It in Public.
The health inspectors' argument against hookah bars fails: private clubs (such as golf clubs) *do* have employees. Also, most golf clubs not named Augusta are open to the public.

Weed tourists should either be able to buy a membership or pay a "greens fee".

But I'm in favor of outdoor non-enforcement-zones too.
Jul 2, 2013 gypsysattva commented on A Blocked Path to Citizenship.
The repeal of DOMA is excellent news for this couple, and any other binational homosexual pairs in marriage equality states!

Nevertheless the GOP policy on immigration reform is offensive.

And political party's platform is a reflection of the will of its constituency.

Voters have always fallen for fear tactics, but we have less excuse now than ever before to swallow xenophobic rhetoric, what with the unlimited information at our fingertips.

Yet we seem to be regressing.

The problem is we've all got attention deficit. We require to be entertained all the time, to get hooked in 140 characters or less.

Who has time for critical analysis of multifaceted issues when there's so much great stuff on Nexflix?

Tyranny of the majority continued to play for a century after the fall of the South. White Christians haven’t proven themselves a very benevolent most populous demographic. But then, which group ever has? Absolute power corrupts…

The GOP knows all too well that pretty soon at the current rates of inversion unless whites start fucking like Caribeños they will become a minority, to which no amount of gerrymandering will be able to adjust. Unless something bullheaded is done. Like erecting a Great Wall of Drones.

Why wouldn’t the golden group want to retain its power by any means necessary? Trust me, ellos la comprenden muy bien la idea. That’s why they’ll never in a million years vote for you even if you raise up Rubio.

You’re treatin em like enemies, unlike the allys they are; unlike Canadians. They get the hint, hijodeputas.
Feb 18, 2013 gypsysattva commented on How Much Pot Does Washington Need?.
Perhaps now that it’s legal and the stigma’s gone, rather than relying on research groups’ findings people will be willing to report their own usage? As for me, an eighth lasts around 3 weeks (however, due to the annoying continuing difficulty of procurement it’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve had any- so I guess that adversely affects my stats). Caveat: I'd much rather they estimate high!
Feb 18, 2013 gypsysattva commented on You May Now Kiss the Bride and the Other Bride and the Other Bride and the Other Groom.
As a man in a stable triad with two lovely partners I found your article dismayingly convincing. Although I can envision a not-too-complicated tax structure for poly families who wish to file jointly (we could get around this hurdle; likewise we could write wills to ensure proper disposal of our estates), my wife and I would like to have the ability to list our “girlfriend” as a beneficiary of our health and life insurance policies, for example. Furthermore, and more vitally, we would like for her to be recognized as an equal, integral partner instead of an outsider. That being said, your argument regarding the lack of political interest in (read: fundraising for) universal marriage equality seems insurmountably dispositive.

Far from embracing poly love, the LGBT community (with its immensely powerful lobby) has done its darndest to distinguish itself from people like my partners and me (even though they are bisexual, and embracing any iteration of coupledom would leave them un-whole).
I am reminded of the contemporaneous struggle undergone by African and female Americans: although both groups strove for similar goals, they often found that speaking up for the “other” was disadvantageous, because doing so risked alienating their support base. Without the backing of proponents of marriage equality (and because of Mormon history, and the concomitant bias which prevails to this day), modern polygamists cannot expect to be taken seriously, or treated with equal respect.

All we can hope for is to be treated with disinterest. That is, the State should never intrude upon our home. You may have no personal desire to live in a ‘sister-wives’ situation, but we do. (I expect the pivotal difference is that my partners love each other too.) Should we choose to have children (which commitment is incalculably more permanent than marriage or buying a house), we will demand the right to be left alone. No nosy interference from child-welfare agencies or any b.s. like that. Ideally, our kids will even be able to play with their neighbors’ without getting called plygs.

We’re fortunate that we live in Seattle. For now, our friends actually think our thing is pretty cool.