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6:34 PM yesterday pat L commented on On the Popularity of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and the Limits of Satire.
yes, the satire is more than preaching to the choir. It's proclaiming the emperor in new clothes when no one else dares. Like Tina Fey's parody of Sarah Palin. after that, no-one could take Palin seriously again.
Aug 12 pat L commented on Washington Post: "95% of Republican House Districts Are Majority-White".
People contacted by collection agencies went from 1 in 7 to 1 in 3 in ONE YEAR? That is the number more than doubled. Though I don't doubt that the economic recovery has been thinner than gruel for millions. Rather than class or race, the best indicator of the devide is education.
Aug 11 pat L commented on Slog Poll: What the Hell Is Sarah Palin Saying?.
Holy crap! Palin is far more incoherent than even I thought could be possible! About the same as a stroke victim!
Aug 11 pat L commented on Brian Brown Slams Ronald Reagan's Definition of Marriage.
Besides, gays and lesbians having legally recognized, and public marriage committments is an obvious win for the traditional values that conservatives blather about. But there's no end of spite in many conservative circles!
Aug 11 pat L commented on Brian Brown Slams Ronald Reagan's Definition of Marriage.
Let's face it - the Church that was closest to traditional marriage was the LDS Church, with the concubine - polygamous marriage. And ancient marriages were often, arraigned marriages. (Think if European royalty.) The idea that the fundies are authorities on marriage is absurd at best.
Aug 11 pat L commented on Postal Service Loses Two Billion Dollars This Spring.
@17 no, conservatives are much worse. the post office is mentioned in the CONSTITUTION, the one document that conservatives claim to support. Yet they deliberately saddle and destroy the very government the constitution would have them defend.
Aug 8 pat L commented on Rand Paul Had a Terrible Week, and That's Good News.
It's an amusing to me that "libertarians" quickly abandon that position when they realize it includes military non-intervention
Aug 8 pat L commented on Who Can Afford to Rent a Place in San Francisco?.
The muni bus. God auto correct can be a real pain in the butt!
Aug 8 pat L commented on Who Can Afford to Rent a Place in San Francisco?.
Wonder which Muslim group sponsored the inclusive message seen on the Mini bus?
Aug 7 pat L commented on Imagining an Oil Train Explosion in Seattle, and How to Respond.
Since I live in Interbay, when it comes to oil trains, I'm imagining getting blown to bits and seeing Jesus! But to me the senile tea-baggers voting for Mitt or Santorum, or the nutbag of the day is much scarier!

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