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12:45 PM yesterday jenc01 commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
Does no one else consider the consequences of secondhand weed smoke? If I walk through your cloud, you put my job at risk - the domino effect means that I risk my house, risk my car, and risk my kids' college fund because you want to get high in public. I live next to a North Seattle park and see at least a quarter go up in smoke between several park regulars every day. Do the cops respond as they do downtown? No, because the police density is lower and the tourism/business sector is of higher value (seriously, no pun intended) than our kids and other folks enjoying the parks. Either way, I'd like to keep my job, thank you.
Jul 27 jenc01 commented on Capitol Hill Block Party: Show Me Your 'Tats!.
I'm with #5 - whatever monkey tat that is wins, for sure. I'm guessing it's either a Marmoset, Capuchin or Tamarin of some sort.
May 23 jenc01 commented on The Person Who Stole Kelly O's Camera from Linda's Tavern Got Duped by Superhero Security From Neumos.
There is a great tradition in circles I've known of taint-bombing those disposable cameras left for guests to take pics of themselves at weddings. The best part is the bride going through the pics with her mom.
Apr 29 jenc01 commented on Sound Check.
I'm sorry that I can not adequately respond to this story, as I am currently snorting the ass off of a hooker who happens to like cocaine.
Apr 23 jenc01 commented on Drunk of the Week.
The Stuff Fluffy - how come we don't get a pic this week?
Apr 10 jenc01 commented on Good-Bye to Piecora's.
@9 Seattle doesn't hold the patent on bitching about the evolution and change of surroundings.

Just because you don't share someone's nostalgia for an institution doesn't mean you are emotionally superior and right to invalidate that person's feelings. Whether it's xenophobia or metathesiophobia, there is hardly reason to belittle others for their sentimental bemoaning. I fail to see how your criticism validates your existence any more than those you bewail, you insufferable beyotch.
Apr 3 jenc01 commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
Why can't some of the proposed wage increase go to worker retraining for more sustainable and productive jobs? Raising people to a higher level of satisfaction would seem just as important as the wage component.
Feb 4 jenc01 commented on Sheriff Fires Cop Who Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Photos of Cops.
@52, 59 and 60 - actually, rotten666 was right. If it makes you feel better, I would've called you are a vile prick to comfort your sensitivity as you grotesquely disrespect an assassinated officer. I hope his widow cunt-punts/dick-kicks you. Either way, your faux offense is laughable and only serves to highlight your cuntedness.

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