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Nov 9, 2012 Tony Bartholdi commented on REQUIRED VIEWING: Stop Whatever It Is You're Doing and Watch Last Night's Rachel Maddow Show.
LOL I guess wars,signing a bill that authorizes indefinite detention of american citizens with no trial,more unconstitutional wars,more $$ for the military/continuing of the fraud known as "The War on Terror",bigger deficits,a health care bill that is nothing more than forcing people to buy over priced insurance whether they can afford it or not,trillions of dollars of bailouts for big banks,more deficits,net loss of jobs,TSA groping you at airports,Monsantos VP now running the FDA---I guess NONE of that matters as long as a few gays get to marry and a few states legalized recreational pot and a few women won political office.LOL Yeah---Good job America!! Thank goodness the "Con Artist" won out over "The corporate shark" Wow,what a bunch of fat stupid naive retards you people are!!! You're going to get the medicine you deserve,the food you deserve and the government and economy you deserve you stupid sheople. Here's what you can expect:
1)More wars
2)More deficits/a weakening dollar
3)An ever worsening economy/less jobs
And of course,more lies &broken promises from your"cool guy" President,Barrack Obama.
Here's a newsflash for all you liberal morons:If by some long shot this guy tries to do ANYTHING good for the people,or go against the big monied interests that put him in office,trust me,he's going to have a verrrry short 2nd term.
Mark my words.
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Nov 9, 2012 Tony Bartholdi joined My Stranger Face