Carlos Marx
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Nov 9, 2012 Carlos Marx commented on Savage Love.
Dan, I love you for reminding NWATB that his "Latin" boy might well be into him after all. If the kid loves sucking an older guy's cock as much as NWATB suggests, there might be another reason why he keeps running off as soon as he's finished eating: accepting that you're into dudes is one thing; accepting that you're into bearish types who are enough to resemble your father is more complicated. That NWATB's "is under no illusion" that he's what the kid is looking for reiterates the difficulty on another level. Digging on older guys is seen as abnormal even among gay men, which means the kid has to come out twice: once for being gay, and again for wanting to suck bear cock. Maybe that's why he's running away so quickly after sex? Maybe he's just not ready to swallow all of the ways that he isn't normal just yet.

(PS - White folks: please abandon the word "Latin" as a descriptor of brown people with Spanish surnames. Some of us are indeed spicy lovers, but using this word makes you sound like "chips and salZa" hicks from Seattle where sensitivity to racial difference cannot overcome a flavorless, yet deeply ingrained laundry list of demeaning clich├ęs. "Oh-lay!")