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May 13 Doctor Memory commented on New York Is the Worst Megacity in the World.
@5: "Second, New York's infrastructure is significantly older than a city like Tokyo, which was heavily bombed during World War II. Therefore, many building are not as efficient a more modern construction."

Also, NYC's building codes and tenant laws, very much unlike Tokyo's, go out of their way to discourage new construction. So we get to keep our beloved old brownstones and prewar apartment buildings, but the cost is that they are awful from an energy-usage perspective.

The problem actually got worse under Bloomberg, who downzoned an enormous amount of the outer boroughs.
May 8 Doctor Memory commented on I’m Glad I Escaped New York in Time to See Sleater-Kinney Play the Showbox.
Great write-up! For what it's worth if you're ever back in NYC and facing down the awful prospect of seeing a great band at the unrelentingly awful Terminal 5: don't. Check and see when they're playing Philadelphia: it's an 80 minute ride on Amtrak and it is completely worth the hassle. I saw S-K play at Union Transfer in Philly and it was nonstop brilliant: zero "stars" in the audience, just a venue full of passionate fans and S-K giving a great performance.
Apr 29 Doctor Memory commented on The City Council Is So Over Being Nice to Kshama Sawant.
@7 but look at how low rents are in San Francisco and New York City!

...oh wait.
Apr 27 Doctor Memory commented on Carly Fiorina to Announce Run for VP… Er, President.
Being fired by the HP board could be seen as a positive endorsement. Carly's tenure as CEO was undistinguished at best and disastrous a worst, but HP is notorious for having the single worst board of directors of any major silicon valley company (up to and including the mute sock puppets who pretended to be independent from Michael Dell during Dell Inc's hilarious tenure as a publicly traded company), and the company's thirty-year downward spiral both predated her tenure and continued unabated after she golden-parachuted out.
Apr 20 Doctor Memory commented on The Great Pot Cash Heist of 2015.
A cut off the top is shared between the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the University of Washington (for an educational website), the state Institute for Public Policy (for a cost-benefit study), and the state Department of Social and Health Services (for a survey asking middle- and high-school students about their drug and alcohol use).

So the legislature is proposing redirecting money from the WSLCB and a fistful of random earmarks to the school system. Yeah, really not seeing the problem here.
Apr 8 Doctor Memory commented on CNN Freaks Out over Gloria Steinem’s Participation in North Korean-Sanctioned Peace March.
Seriously, I think that might be the single most lucid thing SB has ever said here. In fact, I think I... largely... agree?

This is a very weird moment.
Apr 8 Doctor Memory commented on Online Fundraiser for the SC Cop Who Shot Walter Scott In the Back.
"Ken" is a one-man testament to Poe's law; I don't like the act but I respect it.

Zok and SB are legitimately idiots.
Apr 7 Doctor Memory commented on South Carolina: Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man In the Back.
" complete contradiction", thanks ever so much auto-correct.
Apr 7 Doctor Memory commented on South Carolina: Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man In the Back.
In which literally watching a video of a cop shooting a fleeing man in the back and dropping a service weapon at the dead man's feet, in complete contraction to everything written in the cop's report is still not enough to keep the local mouth-breather brigade from dragging out the "...but he was no angel" line.

As the kids say: SMH.
Mar 19 Doctor Memory commented on Naturopath Busted by the State for Medical Marijuana Authorizations: "I'm Not Settling—I Didn't Do Anything Wrong".
Of the many, many reasons why one might legitimately want to sent a "naturopath" (gag) to jail, providing a medical pot prescription has to rank dead fucking last. Letting the woo-purveyors prescribe largely-harmless mild intoxicants seems like a win for everybody.

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