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Kalakalot is thinking about what's for lunch and trying not to hum that song that's going through her head.
Mar 31 Kalakalot commented on Washington Attorney General Sues Tim Eyman for Nearly $2 Million.
Last Friday Trumpcare died and this Friday we learn that Tim Eyman's getting sued ... maybe things are looking up!
Mar 30 Kalakalot commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: PrEP and Prejudice.
@10: "I've heard Dan say that when you disclose something like your HSV-2 or HIV status you're telling someone one thing about you and their response tells you everything about them." YES. I've encountered so much fear and ignorance and irrationality around STIs in the dating world. I suspect it's a result of our sex negative culture: we put a tremendous emphasis on sex as a signifier of desirability and success, but deep down, we think it's a dirty deed, so contracting an infection like herpes or gonorrhea from sexual contact is TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND OBVIOUSLY FAR FAR MORE DISGUSTING than contracting a cold from someone sitting next to you on the bus.
Mar 23 Kalakalot commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
I mean yeah, it's gross, but of all the nasty stuff on sidewalks -- this morning alone, I encountered urine, dog (I hope) shit, and vomit on my way to work -- loogies are pretty far down on the list. At least it rains frequently here.
Mar 8 Kalakalot commented on A Rape Committed Under Any Circumstance Is Still a Rape, and Horrible.
Ah, the old "she shouldn't have ... " rape apology argument.
She shouldn't have gone to that party.
She shouldn't have gone to that bar.
She shouldn't have gone out period, Jesus, doesn't she know there are rapists out there?
She shouldn't have had so much to drink.
She shouldn't have been drinking at all.
She shouldn't have smoked that joint.
She shouldn't have snorted that line.
She shouldn't have been wearing that outfit.
She shouldn't have been showing cleavage, clearly she was putting effort into signifying her sexual availability.
She shouldn't have made out with that guy.
She shouldn't have gone to that guy's house.
She shouldn't have had that person over.
She shouldn't have let herself be alone with someone who might possibly want to have sex with her.

Apparently this is what "personal responsibility" looks like, coming up with every possible situation where someone might rape you and assiduously avoiding all of them. Otherwise I guess you're just asking for it.

OR MAYBE "personal responsibility" could mean that before someone initiates sexual contact, they could PERSONALLY TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OBTAINING CONSENT FROM THEIR PARTNER.
Mar 8 Kalakalot commented on A Rape Committed Under Any Circumstance Is Still a Rape, and Horrible.
Yes means yes, no means no ... and anything other than a clear and enthusiastic "yes!" isn't consent. It seems extraordinary to me, but I have argued with men who stated that unless the woman they're hooking up with doesn't specifically say "no" to their advances, then they're in the clear.
Mar 6 Kalakalot commented on High Society: Five Women, Five Weed Suppositories, One Sparkly Night.
I think this is first vagina-related piece of writing by a man I've ever seen that was both entertaining and respectful. Usually male-penned pieces about pudenda have a vaguely misogynist undercurrent of "haha vaginas gross amIright?" or "vaginas, we know what they're for, right? MY PENIS!" Or they're respectful but so clinical that they're not a lot of fun to read. So thanks for this inquiry! Service journalism at its finest!
May 4, 2016 Kalakalot commented on We Saw You Walking on the Empty Viaduct, Staring at the Viaduct from a Ferry, and Covering Prince Songs at an Off-Ramp.
Long Beard Guy is the best. I like to think that he plays in a ZZ Top cover band on the side.
Apr 12, 2016 Kalakalot commented on How Seattle Gave Up on Busing and Allowed Its Public Schools to Become Alarmingly Resegregated.
Another beneficiary of Seattle Public Schools busing here. I moved to Seattle from an even whiter place (Olympia) in 11th grade. I wanted to go to Garfield because of the music program, and attending a diverse high school was probably the single most formative experience of this white girl's adolescence. If I hadn't gone to an integrated school in a historically black neighborhood, I probably wouldn't know what it feels like to be the only person of your race on a bus, or in a store, or in a restaurant. I wouldn't have gone to class with a guy who lived a in waterfront mansion and a guy who lived in a van. I wouldn't have seen how the local cops always seemed to find a reason to hassle the black kids but left the white and Asian kids alone. I'm a better person for it.
Dec 10, 2015 Kalakalot commented on Karl Blau Loses His Gear in Anacortes Music Channel Fire; Fundraiser Set Up.
I understand that doling out a few hundred bucks for insurance every year is tough when you're struggling to make a living as a musician, I really do ... I didn't have insurance on my instrument until fairly recently (which is nuts, because there's no way I could have replaced it had anything happened to it). But come on. You're a musician, your instruments and equipment are your livelihood. You need to insure that shit. Do it. It may not even be as expensive as you think (I pay Clarion $200 a year for $10,000 of replacement coverage). Go on. Do it now.
Nov 5, 2015 Kalakalot commented on In Defense of the Gum Wall.
I appreciate the attempt at a counterpoint -- vigorous debate being essential to healthy discourse and all -- but no. THE GUM WALL IS HORRIFYING AND IT MUST BE KILLED.