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Oct 5, 2015 Peace Frog commented on Orcas in Puget Sound Yesterday, as Seen from a Washington State Ferry.
Christopher, I KNOW! It gives me such chills even to think that the Southern Residents somehow knew that ancient native artifacts should require an orca escort across the Sound to Bainbridge. Nature is insanely amazing, sometimes.

In fact, that happened while I was working on Bainbridge at the time, and had a twice daily ferry commute. I was super pissed that it happened in the middle of the day, instead of my usual commuting hours when I would regularly be scanning the water for excitement of the orca kind. Oh well. I did see the L pod off the coast of San Juan island once and that was a highlight of life.

Otherwise, I really appreciated your Free Lolita artical. I grew up in South Florida and had seen her a few times as a kid. We would joke about how awful the Sea Aquarium is - and called it Miami Sea Prison. There's actually a website: that documents the horrors. You might know about it. Anyway, I always knew Lolita's plight was sad but didn't know the whole back story as illuminated in your article. And now it's tragic. It's criminal what happened to her and I can't imagine what happiness it would bring for her to be reunited with her family. We gotta make that happen!

Let's fight the good fight, bring her home!
Oct 5, 2015 Peace Frog commented on Orcas in Puget Sound Yesterday, as Seen from a Washington State Ferry.…

this is actually the coolest orca/ferry incident I've ever heard about.
Oct 7, 2014 Peace Frog commented on Municipal Court Candidate Says He Returned Money from DUI Lawyers.
Eli - Doesn't the fact that Shadid returned the money suggest that he's not in bed with those people? The bottom line is that it is really difficult to run a judicial campaign, regardless of how anyone feels about electing judges - its the system we have to work with. No one is paying attention to this election and its really difficult to engage voters and doners alike about why the Seattle Municipal Court is important. The fact that he is engaging the community at all (see giant endorsement list here:…) paints a stark contrast to his opponent.

He's managed to run a community based campaign - raising all of his money by working for it. He returned the DUI money. That was the right call - in the post-Citizen's United world we live in, it's exactly the move I would hope for from progressive public servants.

Mar 8, 2014 Peace Frog commented on I Can't Think of a Worse Name for an Apartment Complex.
The only thing worse is living across the street from the construction of said apartment building for a year and half only to wake up one day to having them named Gatsby. The cringe was felt across the world, because now I live across the street from the fucking Gatsby and the $2800 one bedroom apartments. There goes the neighborhood!
Dec 18, 2012 Peace Frog commented on Congrats, Guys! Suck It, Haters!.
Plus, Ben Schock is a local - grew up in Ellensburg, went to UW, and his brother owns the Bottlehouse in Madrona. Ben Schock is also quite splendid. All his friends are very happy for him but totally unshocked by his sudden gay celebrity status.
Oct 8, 2012 Peace Frog commented on What Do You Think of Columbus Day?.
It should be renamed "Indigenous Peoples Day" to honor all the native Americans Columbus (and the rest of us) has persecuted.
Feb 17, 2012 Peace Frog commented on Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist Dies on Assignment in Syria.
Anthony is my friend Damon's brother. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Damon's wedding in Seattle last summer. I was really looking forward to hearing Anthony speak at town hall in April. Many condolences to the entire Shadid family for their loss. And much love to Damon and his wife Dini.
Nov 7, 2011 Peace Frog commented on To the Asshole Who Broke In to My Car Last Night....
You should consider yourself lucky. When theives broke into my car and subsequently stole it, they also transformed it into a heroine den, and left my car littered with bloody needles.

Added bonus: When I mentioned this to the SPD, and suggested to them that perhaps it was a public safety issue to return my car to me in that condition, their response was, "Why should we presume the car wasn't littered with bloody needles BEFORE it was stolen?!"

Seriously. They said that.
Sep 9, 2011 Peace Frog commented on Overheard On KUOW This Morning: "Steve Scher Returns On Monday".
I wrote KUOW and made a small contribution a while back, informing them that as an avid NPR listener I would love to give more, but couldn't bring myself to pay his salary. He is awful. I only now listen to KUOW2 88.5. Its a shame. I think if the Sloggers band together and make token contributions with a note pledging to give alot more if they get rid of him, we can make it happen.
Feb 24, 2011 Peace Frog commented on Waiting For My Ship to Come In.
The "blow up the world" sub base is Bangor on the Hood Canal, not the Shipyard at Bremerton. It might be a sub that you cannot see, but it also could be a number of other vessels, which are being retrofitted or dismantled at PSNS. Yes, this type of thing happens all the time.