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Mar 11 I Love IPA commented on We Might Not Agree About E-Cigarettes, but Can We All Agree That "Vaping" Is a Terrible Word?.
How about the term "cig juice". I hate that term, I think of big glasses of chewing tobacco spit. Bleah
Feb 26 I Love IPA commented on I'm Still a Card-Carrying Republican, Apparently.
There's a lovely framed photo of the Republican Senate Inner Circle (circa 1960's? - they look kinda young in it) signed by Strom Thurmond & Dick Luger, among others, at the Salvation Army store on 4th. Only $19.95. You should get that for yourself (or as a gift for Goldy).
Feb 7 I Love IPA commented on First Draft.
@11 more places are installing growler filling station which use CO2 to push out the oxygen before filling, similar to a bottling machine, which helps reduce oxidation. Also, "growlettes" (32oz) are good for buying fresh draft beer for follks whod on't consume 4 pints in a sitting. The 2014 WABL premium is a set of growlettes in an insulated carrier.
Feb 7 I Love IPA commented on First Draft.
Nice start. Here are several suggestions for future columns:
Cheater pints versus honest 16oz pours;
What is a randal (especially prior to this year's Penumbra event, which I assume is going to happen again (please!));
Compare bottled & draft version of the same beers (there is a difference);
Session beer reviews;
Cask conditioned beers (especially prior to this year's Cask Festival in March);
Jan 6 I Love IPA commented on Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriage in Utah.
Anyone know how many couples got hitched in Utah during the window of legality?
Dec 20, 2013 I Love IPA commented on It's Been Fun..
Sorry to lose your voice in the paper and blog but wishing you much success and badassery in your future.
Aug 13, 2013 I Love IPA commented on Should America's Olympic Athletes Wave Gay Pride Flags in Russia?.
No flags of any kind for Russia - move the games to Vancouver and make the Russian team stay in rooms painted in rainbows.
Jun 27, 2013 I Love IPA commented on Is This the Most Unfortunate Anti-Gay Logo and Slogan In History?.
The original 2009 logo. Guess it wasn't gay enough.…
Jun 26, 2013 I Love IPA commented on The AP's Incorrect Story Saying Texas Abortion Bill "Passed" Ends Up Printed in Seattle.
Interesting that the Texas Legislature Online site still shows the pre-midnight time stamp even this late:…
May 21, 2013 I Love IPA commented on How to Taxidermy a Rat.
Back in the day (1880's-1900's-ish) small animal taxidermy was considered a genteel activity for ladies. I have seen slides of home-made quilts with squirrels and hats with birds. Everything old is new again...

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