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Jan 30, 2013 HelloTygerlily commented on Seattle Saves Hiphop, Again.
All y'all talking about soft white people and black rap versus white rap, and generally knocking the man need to STFU. YOU are the ones perpetuating racism. I didn't even know he was white the first 20 times i heard the song. It's just a good song, by a talented local performer. Go Bulldogs!!
Nov 10, 2012 HelloTygerlily joined My Stranger Face
Nov 10, 2012 HelloTygerlily commented on We Couldn't Have Done It Without Them.
There IS no "us" and "them." I think that is what this vote is showing. Straight or queer, we are all related in some way. We are all family. I may be straight, but my mom is queer, my sister is queer, my cousin is queer. Celebrities are. Leaders are. And we are all the same. We all love, we all cry, and we all want the best for one another. Finally.