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Jun 24, 2013 two shoes commented on Parlez-vous Français?.
Yes, learn some French and enjoy being the foreigner who has to figure out what is going on from myriad other cues. Jump in and play charades and have pen and paper ready for pictionary if necessary! Be humble, flirtatious (Parisians LOVE to flirt), silly, and gracious, and it's a blast. Plus if you know a little bit when you arrive, you'll learn more while you're there, which is exciting.

Phrases absolutely to learn and use!
Hello Sir/Madam (Bonjour Monsieur/Madame): EVERY time you enter an establishment or start any interaction, totally necessary, 100% of the time.

Goodbye Sir/Madam (Au revoir Monsieur/Madame): every time

Please & Thank You & No Thank You (S'il vous plait, Merci, Non Merci): use them prolifically!

I would like (Je voudrais).... this (ca).... please (s'il vous plait).

Ditto on the suggestions for learning to pronounce some of the place names if you have time.

And Comte @14 is right on the money! If you present the French with a problem to solve, they will find you absolutely irresistible and go (sometimes spectacularly) out of their way to help. If you can master this phrase, you will have them in the palm of your hands:
Excusez-moi vous deranger Monsieur (or Madame), mais j'ai une problem...

Sorry to bother you, Sir/Madame, but I have a problem...
Dec 7, 2012 two shoes commented on Have You Ever Thrown a Drink in Someone's Face?.
In Paris ~2003, at a Brazilian bar called Favela Chic that was so crowded and hot and sweaty that the bar tenders regularly hosed down the crowd with water from behind the bar. We were all sloppy drunk and my date kept buying me caipirinhas, which were pretty expensive. I guess I decided I'd had enough to drink so the last one he bought me, I just poured it all down his chest instead of imbibing it. I thought it was so funny. He didn't seem to mind. It certainly didn't slow us down any...
Oct 30, 2012 two shoes commented on Chocolate, Razors, Nail File, Tampons.
It needs yogurt, though.
May 18, 2012 two shoes commented on SL Letter of the Day: Show This Woman Some Love.
Deep down, you probably know this to be true, but what you have made for yourself over the last 10 years is So Far from nothing. You've made a family (with love and caring, as @9 said), you've chosen LIFE for yourself!, and most importantly, as a result, you've made a safe place for your nephew to land. So, I guess as far as picking yourself up, take comfort in that, VABG. Take comfort in your ability to have rescued him. They are so unequivocally, morally in the wrong, that eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), when the sting of that awful horrible confrontation wears off, it will feel natural to no longer allow them the power to belittle the beautiful things you have built.
Dec 21, 2011 two shoes commented on "Best Xmas Song EVARRR!" Day Two! (God and Junk).
Yeah, Deck The Halls isn't exactly religious either. I would vote for Coventry Carole if you wanted something Super Duper old-timey. But I think Holy Night does in a pinch.
Aug 3, 2011 two shoes commented on What the Shit Bit Me?.
@43 Your suggestions made me think of the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, which is neat even if it's not 100% relevant to David's question.…

Apr 25, 2011 two shoes commented on What'd You Do on Saturday?.
I like this idea! Collectively, we can make our Saturday experiences stretch out a little bit. OK, so on Saturday I had all the windows opened in the apartment while I baked cookies in the morning. I packed a lunch and rode my bike (in a t-shirt!!!) to Volunteer park where a friend and I made sandwiches, ate cheese, and drank wine out of a water bottle. It was so warm on the grass, and the flowers all smelled fantastic. Also, we were barefoot. Oh, and I took the cookies to a friend's house after that, and their front door was wide open. Just like in summer.
Mar 16, 2011 two shoes commented on Watching Gleeks Watch Glee....
Aww...that was adorable.
Jan 18, 2011 two shoes commented on In Breaking News....
There were five (FIVE!) cop cars on the corner of 17th & Thomas just after it happened.

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