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Baby Blue finally took the time to figure out that RSS feed business. I feel like a real live grown up now.
May 13, 2016 Baby Blue commented on TV Cancellation Bloodbath, but a New Home for Supergirl!.
Damn. I'm one of the few who loved the Grinder and the Muppets.
Apr 2, 2016 Baby Blue commented on Medical Marijuana Patients Worry That the State's New Pot Authorization Form Is an Overshare.
Wow. I just can't even with this. I'm honestly too angry to form coherent response but I agree with @3 that HIPPA should apply to MMJ patients and providers. It was insulting enough to essentially force patients into rec shops where the employees (in my admittedly limited experience) tend to be less knowledgeable and less professional...but now this. What the actual fuck?
Feb 17, 2016 Baby Blue commented on Seven Things About Last Night's X-Files, "Babylon".
As soon as they showed a Muslim praying, I starting thinking, "Dear science, please don't have them make him a terrorist!" But they did. Of course they did. They even had a bit in there somewhere (one of the news clips they showed or something) about how people assume Muslims are terrorists and how it hurts the community (or something like that). Exactly what did they think they were doing with this show? Ugh.

This was not the X-Files. It was just a shitshow.
Feb 3, 2016 Baby Blue commented on Liveslogging Tonight's CNN Town Hall with Bernie and Hillary.
Seriously cracking me up here.
Jan 14, 2016 Baby Blue commented on Will Chief O'Toole Fire Seattle Police Officer Adley Shepherd?.
@5 I'm referring to actual crimes committed against myself and friends that SPD did absolutely nothing on. It was like pulling teeth to even get them to show up and write a report and that was as far as it went in every case. I'm not being a cynic because I don't claim to know their motives. At most, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that being tied up with these scandals has them stretched too thin and that things will improve once they are resolved. I just know what is (and isn't) happening right now and I'm genuinely hoping they'll start investigating crime.
Jan 13, 2016 Baby Blue commented on Hey #bundyeroticfanfic: There Are Actual Double-Headed Dildos At the Wildlife Refuge.
@17 SERIOUSLY! It's the biggest WTF ever. They took (stole) one of the government's CAT tractors and used it to rip out 80 feet of the government's fencing and...then just went back in to open more boxes of dicks, completely undisturbed. It's a good thing they aren't "looters and thugs".
Jan 13, 2016 Baby Blue commented on Will Chief O'Toole Fire Seattle Police Officer Adley Shepherd?.
And maybe after they fire all of the bad seeds they can start responding to and investigating actual crimes that they otherwise completely ignore. You know, things like hit and runs by drunk drivers, mail theft, identity theft, gay bashings, and rape. But then, I'm just a dreamer.
Dec 23, 2015 Baby Blue commented on Trump and Cruz Locked in Tight Contest to be History's Greatest Monster.
@5 Maybe the O'Malley aid was making a big stink, maybe she's pee and/or poop shy, or maybe her security detail wouldn't allow her to share. Why do you (and many others) jump to assume she's just too hoity toity to share a bathroom?
Dec 15, 2015 Baby Blue commented on The Seattle City Council Just Voted to Allow Uber and Lyft Drivers to Unionize.
@14 & 15 If they don't run them on payroll and the drivers are responsible for paying their own taxes, they are technically contractors though. I'm not saying that they aren't treating them like employees or that they aren't intentionally skirting employment laws. All I was saying is I don't think this will withstand a legal battle and I am concerned about the precedent it sets if it does. I'm wondering if perhaps there's any way to change the requirements over who can be treated as a contractor and who must be an employee. I have no idea. I'm just thinking that could be a better approach, if there is a way.
Dec 15, 2015 Baby Blue commented on The Seattle City Council Just Voted to Allow Uber and Lyft Drivers to Unionize.
I'll be surprised if this holds up because there are laws preventing independent contractors from unionizing to prevent price fixing. Or so I've heard anyway. This would set a precedent that other industries (such as plumbers and electricians who work under general contractors) could follow. Personally, I'm conflicted. Workers should absolutely have protections and fair wages but when you are essentially in business for yourself and choose the organizations that you partner with, you decide whether their terms are acceptable to you. I faced this same issue as a dog walker when I took clients for another company. When it got to be too much work for too little pay, I dropped their clients and started working independently; though admittedly that change would be more difficult for a driver who is dependent on the technology the rideshare companies provide.