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Nov 10, 2012 vrolijk60 commented on Coal Trains Could Delay Downtown, SoDo Traffic By One to Three Hours a Day, Study Finds.
You want coal dust in the Seattle and your neighbor hoods? Are you guys nuts...Property values will go down and what about all the noise of those trains? And the coal dust that you will be exposed to.
Besides this coal is brought to China for speculation from Goldman Sachs and our wonderful Warren Buffet.China does not want our Coal. They are way ahead of us in alternative energy and their own coal is cleaner. . They are going to keep it for speculation, causing this whole upheaval. Then besides the coal Trains it will go through Puget Sound on ships making our killer whales disappear and die. As basically it will be worse than the Panama Canal. Oh forget about a accident from either a coal train or one of those tankers.
If China will sell it back to us I hope we will have still our friendly relations in existence. While the coal trains and tankers will bring it back to us. We again will be exposed to pollution. While we are waiting for the coal to return we will not have done a darn thing about alternative energy resources

Lopez No Coal :http://www.lopeznocoalition.org/
Video from Moral politics with Darshan Rauniyar who ran for congress in the 1st congressional district the only one opposing the Cherry Point project.
please watch this video: http://wa40dems.org/pages/no-coal.html