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Nov 11, 2012 shitstarterrecords commented on Daniel Higgs.
Hey Stranger, I know this comment is not about Daniel Higgs, but I couldn't find another place to post that Seattle rockers are releasing a new 7 inch + mp3 download through the new label The mp3 actually comes with two bonus tracks the vinyl doesn't, but the 7 inch is a sweet electric blue. Got to our lable and youcan get linked to the page for The Badlands. While there checkout all the great bands from around the country on a label based in Lexington, KY. Seems like an tough place for an indie label, but there are serious musicians in this state that are dedicated to putting out good music. Support a Seattle band and pick up the new release by The Badlands!!!!
Nov 11, 2012 shitstarterrecords joined My Stranger Face
Nov 11, 2012 shitstarterrecords commented on Pop Punk Puberty.
Now that I have your attention, I am 33 and it was the mid-90's punk revival that is what converted me to full on punk rocker. I have played in different punk bands, but the scene (if you can call it that) in Lexington, KY is small. Mainly a collection of friends going to see each others bands, but when touring groups come to town we show them that good ol' southern hospitality. They usually say they have a blast and come back even if they don't really make any money, just because the people are great fans and appreciate touring acts. I am trying to get a new band going, but a lot of my energy has gone to helping to get going. We have great bands from all over the U.S. including Seattle's own The Badlands!!! They have a new 7 inch out on electric blue (looks sweet). You can only get the blue 7 inch from the band or from Shit Starter Records and our partnership with Go to our sight and you can link up with all The Badlands sites. If you download the mp3 version you get 2 bonus tracks!!! So, support a local band and help us get a label by musicians for musicians going. GET SHIT STARTED!!!