Sep 18, 2013 kcharm commented on Murray, Godden Disagree With Council President for Staying Silent on Russia's Gay Hate Law.
I'm sure she's opposed to it on a personal level. But isn't there enough for the city council to do without having to pass resolutions about the happenings in another country? I'd love to see everybody from the city council show up to protests and write letters, but I'd also rather they kept their roles on the city council to Seattle business...there's lots that needs doin'!
Apr 18, 2013 kcharm commented on After an Ultimatum, Gay Couple Sues Florist for Discrimination.
@JensR, if any business could refuse any customer, we'd still have race laws and folks sitting at lunch counters in protest. There are very good reasons not to allow the refusal of service when it's discriminatory. If the florist was refusing to serve them because they had bounced every check they'd ever written to her, well, that would be different...or they weren't wearing shoes or a shirt.

But, as I mentioned, they made their point in the court of public opinion and I'm very glad they did. They should keep this out of the actual court room because they're lowering themselves to do so. They should leave it to the ACLU to handle the legal side.
Apr 18, 2013 kcharm commented on After an Ultimatum, Gay Couple Sues Florist for Discrimination.
They have already destroyed the florist's business and made a very good example on how to handle LGBT discrimination. Suing her seems like overkill to me. They've made their point, they've done it in the best way possible, by keeping it out of court. I think they should continue to make the example, with the media's help, but let the ACLU handle the legal side. They need to continue to be the 'bigger' people and suing the florist destroys that position.
Apr 9, 2013 kcharm commented on How to Make SLU an Affordable Neighborhood.
$975 a month on a $36k a year (or less) salary is affordable? That would amount to somewhere in the ballpark of $2kish after taxes? So half of your salary, at the top end of this range, goes towards rent not including utilities and insurance? Bad economics.
Feb 20, 2013 kcharm commented on Savage Love.
For the ring, my wedding band, I was the groom (now husband) was $1000. It's custom made by the jeweler out of palladium. It was in their case and was just perfect for me! My wife's ring used family diamonds and was also custom made. The expense of both rings was not in the materials, it was in the labor to design and make them. Not saying the materials were cheap, but the majority of the cost was in labor. Keep that in mind when buying any jewelery (boy, did I learn a lot while ring shopping for our rings!).

For the bridesmaid, it's your sister's wedding, not yours. As the bridesmaid, it's your job to help try to keep you sister grounded in something resembling reality, but at the same time, it's her wedding and not yours.
Jan 15, 2013 kcharm commented on Rep. Haler Files Bill Requring Teens to Open a Bank Account Before Applying for Learner's Permit.
I think you're all reading it wrong. Section 1 states:

"5 Sec. 1. RCW 46.20.035 and 2008 c 267 s 8 are each amended to read
6 as follows:
7 The department may not issue an identicard or a Washington state
8 driver's license that is valid for identification purposes unless the
9 applicant meets the identification requirements of subsections (1),
10 (2), or (3) and (7) of this section."

With the way the punctuation is laid out, I think that you have to meet the requirements in subsection (1), or subsection (2), or both subsections (3) AND (7). If you meet the requirements in subsections (1) or (2), subsection (7) is irrelevant.

At least that's the way I'm reading it. If I'm wrong, I agree with all of the other posters that this was written very poorly. But I think the way I'm seeing it is the way it was intended. Pulling subsection (7) out of the whole law is an example of misleading reporting.
Jan 13, 2011 kcharm commented on Crosshairs and Consequences.
I like Sarah Palin as much as most of the other Stranger readers and would love to see her fade into the woodwork and never hear her name mentioned again, ever. Her only saving grace is that she is totally unelectable.

That said, show me the direct link between Palin's cross-hairs, I mean survey markers, and this psycho opening fire. They found in his safe letters stating that he was upset because he wasn't being heard when he suggested that grammar and currency needed to be changed.

How is that relevant to the cross-hairs map discussing health care reform?

Then to add that image on the front of this article? It's been mentioned in previous comments, why are we, the left, lowering ourselves to Sarah Palin's level? I just assume be the bigger person in this situation.
May 9, 2009 kcharm commented on Gabriel Claycamp's Barely Legal Meat.

I drank the coolaid and loved it. If, and I hope when, Gabe comes back, I'll drink more. It's the best tasting coolaid around.

In an ideal world, Gabe will be back with CC, the Swinery, Vagabond, and more cool ideas but will add a business partner strong willed enough to keep him on the path. It'll be a narrow line to walk on. What Gabe's visions needed to be was exactly what they were...just permitted. It'll take a majority owner other than Gabe to make that happen.

I took several CC classes and the only sick I ever got was from gorging myself with all the tasty food. I often felt a crane would be needed to get me out the door.

I had other dinners Gabe prepared. Some I liked, some I didn't. What he did for me was expand what I was willing to try. He opened my eyes to new foods and new ways of preparing old ones. I will never ever eat pork belly again, yuk. But blood sausage, hell yeah!

I miss his bacon, his classes, his stories, and his energy. I hope he's back soon!