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Nov 26, 2013 Homo Will commented on Lost Lake Doesn't Allow Customers to Wear Google Glass, and Here's a Good Reason Why.
Who fucking cares about this? This kid thrives on attention, so the more he gets, positive or negative, he will stick around.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop feeding into this child's psychosis.
Nov 3, 2011 Homo Will commented on The Recession Is Too Damn Long, Says Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.
Two words come to mind when hearing this: FUCK HIM!
May 24, 2011 Homo Will commented on Medical-Marijuana Bill Dead.
You know, it's getting to the point that she doesn't do anything anymore. This seals her fate with me... I will NOT be voting for her again.
Dec 15, 2010 Homo Will commented on Back to Basics—and Sick Bass.
I abosolutely love the new space. Jason has always been a rock in the community and, true to his word, is one of the few club owners I know that is willing to put in the time, effort, and money to help a space evolve.

Of the places I recommend as a concierge in the city, Baltic Room never disappoints.
Dec 14, 2010 Homo Will commented on Police Beat: The Return of the Bus Tunnel Attack.
Am I the only one who finds it disheartening that the people that patrol the tunnel just stand there and watch instead of trying to intervene?
Dec 5, 2010 Homo Will commented on What Does it Take to Get You to Go Out on a Sunday Night?.
I agree rebar, but I don't wanna pay to go out on a Sunday to go dancing.
Sep 16, 2010 Homo Will commented on Pot Use Is Up; Pot Arrests Are Up.
Maybe they should spend their time looking at the amount of money WASTED on pot arrests vs the amount of money that could be gained from legalizing it and taxing it. Then do a comparative result of GDP after the fact. Money talks after all.
Sep 15, 2010 Homo Will commented on Redefining Corn Sugar.
Corn sugar: sweeter than toe jam!
Jun 16, 2009 Homo Will commented on Obama Reaches For Low-Hanging Fruit.
Seperate but equal, right Obama? Just like your interracial parents?
May 9, 2009 Homo Will commented on Slash Back.
Well done sir, well done. I go to that QFC everyday, and workout at the Gold's above. I have seen a couple incidents there before, and I too have spoken up. The hill is our place, not theirs. While we are just as tolerant as the straights, the hill is and will be the gayborhood.