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Nov 4, 2014 JudT commented on Unraveling a Mystery in Storage at the Seattle Art Museum.
Is it just me or is the formatting messed up, making most of this illegible?
Feb 1, 2014 JudT commented on A Morning Message from Mormons.
I love that they assume masturbation is a guy thing. Like it's something women never do. (Obviously, that hitachi is for a neck ache)
Jan 14, 2014 JudT commented on SL Letter of the Day: Access Denied.
Hm. My thought is "is it safe for a guy to have an orgasm while locked in one of these?" It's kinda come up as an issue in a pegging scenario...
Aug 13, 2013 JudT commented on Sticking It To Putin.
Obviously, the way Russia handles gay people is reprehensible, but in the scope of what the Olympic Committee ought to do, it's irrelevant

It's irrelevant because, while gay rights are human rights, and Russia has a shitty human rights record even if we're only looking at the straight people.

Look at the way an inconvenient journalist or political opponent is treated, and the fact they're putting fucking dead people on trial. If the guy you're trying is already dead (died suspiciously suddenly while in prison, imagine that), I'm pretty sure you can guarantee the whole thing is political bullshit and not rule of law.

There are good Russian people in the world. None of them, however, are in charge over there.

Fuck Russia. It may not be Nazi Germany, but the shit they're doing now would make Stalin smile.
May 6, 2013 JudT commented on I Shouldn't Do This....
I feel that the standard response should be just to cite Johnny McGovern.

"You call me a fag, I say 'that's right, cuz I fucked your daddy.'"
Apr 29, 2013 JudT commented on Marriage Equality: How Did We Get Here?.
@12: The legal rights of marriage aren't generally in the "oh, you're married, so here are your goodies" they're generally, "oh, well, you've signed a legal contract, so your stuff is kinda your (wo)man's stuff and vice versa, and you can make some medical type decisions for each other in a crisis (etc)." It's not so much special rights for married people as married couples have a special legal relationship towards each other.
Apr 23, 2013 JudT commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mate Or Mat?.
Dude needs to DTMFA ASAP. It's not just the lack of sex, but the lack of physical affection even. He's made to feel guilty and dirty for loving and wanting her, and that's just emotionally shredding. Love and sex should make a person feel good, crazy, I know. Just getting a bit of sex on the side won't make up for the outright lack of love and affection at home. That's just not how it works.
Apr 11, 2013 JudT commented on SL Letter of the Day: What Does a Boyfriend Prove?.
What part of "oh gawd no" is so hard to understand. Even if she's "a little bit bi" that's just a little bit of dynamite. Sexy, sexy dynamite.

Don't get me wrong, bisexuals exist and it's ok to date them. But this girl? Either you've got a lot of wishful thinking going on (not uncommon after a break up) or she genuinely gets off on flirting with you. But recall "getting off on flirting with women" != "actually prepared to date one."

If she doesn't know what she wants, then she doesn't want you.

Trust me, you're just setting yourself up for failure.
Apr 2, 2013 JudT commented on The Land of the Free.
Sweet! Two wins!
Apr 1, 2013 JudT commented on SL Letter of the Day: Her Little Pudding Pot.
@3: No, I think he was referencing the "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" letter.

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