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hi dan,
I'm Agnes from Paris France. A friend of mine Told me tor ead some of your work, which i just did! i love it, this is so funy!
trust me when i say That women in France are just trapped by a Judeo Christian education intellectually forbidding any sexual freedom
J was lucky thanks to a relational therapy for my problems with my mother, to be able to totally free sexually.
C is fun to see how much difference is there as the enjoyment of the way ... I am personally convinced that women can enjoy all the ways vaginal and clitoral. everything is let go and the well-being ....
J am 44 years old now and I'm enjoying my sex life completely!
Some of my sexfriends me ingredient that I love as a man, that they are prudes!
Anyway I wanted to reassure you, in France there are also stuck in the ass!
See you soon