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Apr 18, 2014 D. Tooley commented on The Best Stoner Benches of Seattle.
The nude 'string of pearl' beaches on Lake Washington in Madrona and Leschi would be pretty awesome. Also, the Space Needle, Canoeing the bridges to nowhere, the top floor restrooms at the Columbia Center, the Bremerton Ferry, Gasworks Park.....
Feb 11, 2014 D. Tooley commented on Protestors Must Stop Attacking Public Forms of Transportation.
Here's a wild idea - how about a HOV/Busway through the Arboretum?
Feb 11, 2014 D. Tooley commented on What Happened to the Nickelsville Site at 22nd and Cherry?.
Morrow and his close associates claim a 'pure' democratic model, but the reality is more of a lord of the flies type situation that given the financial strings, etc, Morrow and Co have long been able to dominate.

Self management is a crucial element of a well run camp, but it still takes leadership, elders, etc to set a responsible tone.

Curiously, these same sorts of political dynamics are prevalent throughout Seattle though usually not so visibly - most tellingly with others of the long standing Downtown Social Service Cabal whose PC righteousness has allowed them to avoid accountability for a long, long time.
Oct 29, 2013 D. Tooley commented on Sources Say.
We may not be able to do rent control, but confiscating completely the property of conspirators to the judicial corporate 'above failure, and the law' conspiracy is not only possible, but imperative for the future of this Country, and the Constitution.
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Jul 30, 2013 D. Tooley commented on Council Votes to Leave Homeless Camps Unregulated.
One of Obama's biggest failures was NOT using bailout funds to buy affordable housing from the large supply of distressed foreclosed properties at their lowest values.

Developing regulatory policy for self-managed housing is the answer. Tent Cities for ALL are IMPERATIVE so long as enough shelter beds don't exist.

For 500k they could've built a common building at Nickelsville with a Kitchen, shower/bathrooms, and a dining area, perhaps just covered. (IIRC the $1,600 a month for portable toilets is about what it would cost a private party to mortgage a 500k home loan.)

There are a few sites in Seattle that already have facilities that suit this - the Lake City firehouse was one, Camp Long in West Seattle could serve and I'd guess Magnuson Park has some facilities that could serve in this capacity - if not they could certainly be put to good use.

Now, using parks for homeless encampments does have some drawbacks - but, during the winter months there use is much less - and during the summer months the risk and need for enclosure much less. We should hope that the current homeless situation does not last 30 years but if we are smart we can build these facilities in areas where they could see alternative uses.

And, if we are to have justice in this Country it means we are going to send those 'liberal' elites and a fair portion of the rest of the 1% into their own 'homeless situation'. If we are to be better than them we will treat them with a bit more respect - even while holding them up as examples of the punishment for abusive corruption.

Jul 20, 2013 D. Tooley commented on Why Ed Murray Will Be Mayor.
The reason the voters of Seattle threw out Nickels is because he was an elitist lying dick and they were tired of the Eastside Landlord class and their local media lackeys slandering real leadership.

Their are some fundamental principles of law at work here, THE major 'industry' of downtown Seattle - namely, how to CRUCIFY real public leaders, no matter how big or small with the projected sexual harassment of the first failed generation in America. Witness their local leadership, the law school classmates of the UW Law School's Ted Bundy, no less.
Apr 9, 2013 D. Tooley commented on How to Make SLU an Affordable Neighborhood.
These so-called social justice green density ideas sound great, but, if I recall correctly, they used to have another name for them - 'housing project'.

The final word on these approaches has not yet been written, but, if I also recall my economics correctly, rent can never be more than a person can afford to pay, right? So what does spending tax dollars on housing accomplish besides raising taxes?

I was once a fan of Licata's, but his collaboration with the rest of the Council has pretty much destroyed that, this guest piece is just confirmation. The toilet is flushing folks, the end is near.
Aug 26, 2012 D. Tooley commented on Third Party Candidates: What Do You Think?.
Michael P's comment about the top two hurting 3rd parties is duplicitous partisan B.S. - the top two allows one to vote for a third party, in the primary, without risk of some 3 way dynamic contrary to your interests. If, per chance, the third party candidate advances, fantastic!

Realistically, it is more likely that we'll see a successful in-party challenge with the top two, and, so far as I know, it has not happened yet. This would have more effect than a single 3rd party victory, at this time.