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Jul 29, 2014 funfunfun commented on Savage Love.
The nature of "the conversation" is influenced by the kind of protection used (if any). Respecting the health and consent of your lovers to what they may be exposed to health wise is of primary importance.

When interest progresses, ask them to let you know when they want to talk at all about the nature of your involvement together. That's consent again. Sometimes they themselves may not have the simplest circumstances or be able to lay it out well to a stranger. Either way, you're giving them an opportunity to check in when they want and providing them an easy opener when they are ready.

Put your best foot forward by ensuring they feel directly cherished in their time and interactions with you. This goes a long way to confidence in what you re doing with each other, especially when you have a partner already that alone can shake their confidence in your interest or intent.

I didn't see anything in the letter that said a longer term sexual or poly involvement wasn't possible.. If that is the case, it's up to you to make it clear that you're up for a fling only, and ultimately it's you closing those doors, not them, so take personal responsibility buddy.
Jan 23, 2014 funfunfun commented on Savage Love.
Trolling by discrediting fathers who by separation are not fully involved in their child's parenting, let alone implying there is little to prove their genetic status as a birth parents ignores the body of research that shows that healthy emotional development of children is supported when their father is present in their lives. I'm guessing yours wasn't.
Nov 7, 2013 funfunfun commented on Savage Love.
If you don't embrace your partners part of the journey, it's not partnership. Isn't it possible Childless H is being used? My sense is she is more committed than he is. He was using her to support HIS adventures and loves her for her utility in that regard. The specific "adventures" he wants are not detailed. Are they sexual or travel oriented? Is he too hung up on Parental guilt to be who he was if he is a parent.. The guy doesn't sound legit.

I hate to say it, but sounds to me like he doesn't want a kid with you as you are H. That's the only thing that ever made me say or feel that in my own life.

Isn't the question "what would make you comfortable having a child with me?" And not "when".. When creates dependency and waiting games etc.
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Nov 15, 2012 funfunfun commented on Savage Love.

Lick upper case letters of the alphabet with your tongue, sometimes large over the entire vulva and sometimes smaller on the clit. Women seem to enjoy the letters L through P and S through Z. Other script present interesting opportunities.

Sometimes I do the alphabet backwards and forwards when I get a good response in an area of it, and occasionally pick a secret word to spell on my lovers pussy...