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May 16, 2014 karrefisher commented on Art Space and Race.
Thank you for this article. there is a long history of artist catalyzing the gentrification of poor neighborhoods. I think this is often a strategy utilized by developers in modern day times. I think the lack of diversity in artist housing is a huge issue especially in the context that it often catalyzes the displacement of minorities from their homes. Thank you for writing about this!!
Nov 15, 2012 karrefisher joined My Stranger Face
Nov 15, 2012 karrefisher joined My Stranger Face
Nov 15, 2012 karrefisher commented on 216 Nipples Later.
I think in discussing this we need to define employment from the perspective of an employee. Obviously every person is an individual and each person will have vastly different inner and emotional responses to the same object/experience. Art couldn't "push" boundaries or even be interesting if we didn't all have such diverse responses to art and to the world. The thing about employment is that our ability to support ourselves, our families, and even our art depends upon our employment. If a piece of artwork has the ability to effect someone's job performance, to hurt them in their place of employment then i believe it needs to be removed. There is simply too much at stake for those individuals who are hurt. This doesn't reflect on the art or the artist or even those who respond with discomfort to the art. It reflects on the tremendous power that employers have over their employee that extends even to their employee's families and loved ones. I respect this. I don't want to persecute or judge those that experience discomfort in response to the art. They are individuals and entitled to have unique experiences. i know what it is like to fear for your job, to be mistreated by your employer and i won't ever judge someone for speaking up about discomfort in their workplace. In fact i celebrate employer's that have the insight to recognize the power they have over their employees and to take action not to hurt them. -Karre

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