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Nov 15, 2012 #FreeGreenway joined My Stranger Face
Nov 15, 2012 #FreeGreenway commented on Teacher Throws Book, Hits Student, to Make a Point.
As a student at Nathan Hale, I can safely say that this man is one of the best teachers I have ever had at any school I've been to. He is an EXTREMELY passionate teacher, and though this one sided report makes it sound like he was at fault, the student at hand wasn't an "innocent victim." She was extremely rude and interrupted an important moment for him teaching.

Not only that, but THE FACTS IN THIS ARTICLE ARE WRONG. The book did NOT hit the girl, even her hand, and every student in the class (in addition to the teacher involved) have testified that it obviously wasn't meant to hit the student, and was meant more to ward her off than anything else.

Next time, call the cops on people who actually do harm, not teachers who are so passionate about teaching that they overreact.

Let him throw the fucking book: no harm, no bad intent, NO FOUL.