May 31, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Positively Spokane.
@35- I've heard of flu shots. Is there an HIV vaccine I can get at the drugstore/doctors that I don't know about? Are there people infected by the flu who have to live with it FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES?? I'm also wondering what the statistics are for the deaths of healthy young people killed by flus vs HIV/AIDS. Anybody know? Because to me, your comparison is like apples and avocados. Not even remotely similar.
May 30, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Remember That Catholic Priest Who Got Caught Kissing a Woman?.
lovely. one can only hope that the vatican learns something from this. emphasis on HOPE.... ;-P
May 30, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Is The Antichrist Gay? And Is He Single?.
judging by the photo, there's also a 2 outta 3 chance he'll be hot and well groomed! Damn! Maybe I can be his 'fruitfly'? lol
May 30, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Positively Spokane.
does it actually SAY in the article that his partners in the parks didn't use condoms? does it SAY that he didn't lie and tell them he was gonna use a condom? (i'm honestly asking, i didn't have time to read the article!)

True, cruisy sex is dangerous. But that doesn't mean that something like this is the victim's fault for being stupid. What if the condom broke? What if he pulled a condom off in the middle of sex? (Both of which have happened to me in the past. I was damn lucky to come out of it clean.)
I don't have all the facts, but to me this is the gay equivalent of a man picking a chick up in a bar and beating her senseless when he gets her home; then telling the judge " She shoulda known better than to go home with a guy she just met!".

We're ALL human, no matter how much some of us like to think we aren't. But this man is a human monster in the vein of Gaetan Dugas ( i probably got that spelling wrong since I was 12 when I read "And the Band Played On"; go ahead and rip me to pieces, kids.) and deserves to be shot on sight.
He willfully and knowingly exposed people to a life threatening virus. If he was a straight man spreading anthrax in a straight bar by buying slutty chicks drinks and putting it in the drinks, then he would still be considered a FUCKING TERRORIST.

Maybe god can forgive that type of evil; but as a mere human being I sure as hell can't. Things like this make me believe in the death penalty.
May 21, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Obama's Position On DADT: Indefensible.
ummmmmm, ahhhhhh, @6, i completely agree with you. i've heard more eloquence from 20 year olds at my lover's AA commitments! a little Toastmasters would go a LONG way for Gibbs! especially the part where they count your "um's" and "ah's"! The man sounds more like my 10 year old with learning differences attempting to tell me about his day than a college educated man speaking on behalf of the white house. fucking ludicrous!
May 20, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Bristol Palin: Cover Girl.
my favorite part was how she was bemoaning her fate FROM HER PARENT'S LAKESIDE HOME. waaaaaaaaaaah! when i was an 18 year old with a newborn i was living in a shitty 2 room apartment with a dopedealer living below me and a guy beating his wife upstairs. there was no cap and gown, and ten years later, THERE SURE AS SHIT STILL AREN'T ANY LAKESIDE HOMES WHERE I GET TO LIVE FOR FREE. I'm living in a slightly larger cottage in the boonies and busting my ass to raise a special needs child alone. fuck off, bristol.
May 16, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
@14- i wish i could get my boyfriend to listen to you and BODST! i honestly think our relationship would stand a MUCH better chance of survival if he thought that way. Unfortunately, he grew up in a Catholic Republican household and never really broke free of that line of thinking sexually the way I have. To make matters even worse, I have a ridiculously high and kinky sex drive while he is always tired after work and won't even leave the lights on!!
May 16, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Hate Criminals.
Loveschild- get an education. I'm a hs dropout and even I know there is no such thing as 'six graders'. There are a shitload of SIXTH graders, though. Hopefully the majority of them are being raised by more open minded people than yourself!

@14- that would be hilarious, especially since my experience in the south has shown that there are more black kids in their schools than white ones!
May 16, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Hate Criminals.
i lived for 5 years as a pre/teen in NC and was recently considering a move to Spartanburg, SC since I hate the snow up north. After reading this I think I'll keep my 10 yr old and my bisexual self in gay-friendly Massachusetts, thanks! What a bunch of closeminded bigots! Hell will freeze before they see my hard earned tax dollars!
May 11, 2009 punkmama828 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
@38 i hear you about the rainbow pins. i live in a small town too and i wish the chicks here had that policy. and maybe a special rainbow pin for lesbians who aren't 'bi snobs' and would actually date a bi breeder! idk where we are supposed to find these people, but i wish you luck. you have it a lot harder than i do, since there's always straight guys out here in the boondocks! (which may explain why i haven't dated a chick in 5 years.....)