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I am a citizen, a disabled Veteran, and am sick of the bullshit we allow… more »

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Nov 16, 2012 WaWizard commented on Senator Ed Murray: "We have rectified an injustice.".
For the Honorable Senator Murray, you have NOT "rectified an injustice". You have won a battle to enact a law which is more fair to the gay and lesbian communities, granting them the basic rights which we are all guarenteed. There are so many injustices in Washington State that maybe now you can focus on the ENTIRE population that you swore to serve, not just that segment! Maybe you can go after some of the real injustices, like retaliation by state agencies against citizens, like getting honest officers on the Washington State Patrol instead of badged bullies, like getting some of the criminals off the bench in Whatcom County and possibly even having a justice something like the US Constitution put in place there, there are so many things you can do to serve the ENTIRE population of the state, and by the way, regardless of what Washington State says, you will need to have some backing on the federal side before this means anything because, regardless of the general attitude of Washington State, State Law CANNOT supercede Federal Law.