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Dec 31, 2012 Emily Intense commented on VOTE! Who Should Be Crowned Drunk of the Year?.
I want to see the ones everyones talking about.
Dec 21, 2012 Emily Intense commented on A Guide to Massacre Prevention.
Agree with 13
Disapointing article.
Nov 16, 2012 Emily Intense commented on 216 Nipples Later.
"our" not are and many others- bleh i quickly typed, edited had to make an acount to post and my edits apparently weren't updated in the post. I'm only initially a complete moron. Never the less you get it...
Nov 16, 2012 Emily Intense joined My Stranger Face
Nov 16, 2012 Emily Intense joined My Stranger Face
Nov 16, 2012 Emily Intense commented on 216 Nipples Later.
I agree with feeling uncomfortable about 'telling anyone else what to think' etc statements. I too feel a bit confused as to how I feel on this topic. Overall I think it should not have been removed. Same time- it raises the discussion as to what we censor to what level simply because it offends or makes some one uncomfortable. We had to break those barriers with much of our media and art in my experience typically had the fewest when it came to nudity, offensive or vulger imagery etc.
Many forms of art or self expression are offensive to many people. Hell- election time campaigns enraged me half the time, but its within everyones rights to represent themselves. Would I allow my name or face to be on an anti gay marriage campain or below a hand drawn picture of tits? Is one better or worse? Again this is different for every person.
Living in this world trying to coexhist peacefully we are faced with these dilemas judgement, agrivation, pain, joy, agreement, disagreement in reaction to all that comes are way. I find it a good excercise regaurdless.
And it seems as though too often these days the topic comes to blows on either side and is simply a battle of opinions. If I go to church and feel bothered by something one says, well that was my choice to be there. It is unfortunate that my experienced differed. But that's life and unless we censor everything that starts bothering everyone or being "WRONG" well there would be nothing left.
Art galleries are a great example of entering an experience that may have many different outcomes. Good and bad. I'd like to assume most of us attend hoping for good. If that wasn't the result of this peice again, unfortunate. I am self concious about my breasts to a large degree and may also have felt uncomfortable. However, some may have related, enjoyed, or simply been inspired by the peice. It's removal has obviously gained more attention than it may have got at the gallery without the controversy but that's not the point. The point is we all get to express ourselves. Inculding the guy who called those women "pussies", and the article's author who told him to "fuck off" for it. One in the same, now a battle. Let's enjoy this world and try to get along. Or revel in the disagreement and your heavy stance on issues. (really not sarcastic) Keep it all tied in.
all is one