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Yet out of my dislike and what I've faced. I've found two people who like me. One of them being bisexual and the other a heterosexual. In the last four weeks since my breakdown I've come out a bit and allowed to try again and seek help from others.

I've also managed to actually care for those two people that have helped me. I've also never thought I could at least "love" one of them as giving affection for.

If I haven't managed to bore anybody or turn people off from grammar issues I have; then I have a request if people aren't fuming mad from what I've said before.

I've had sex before as means to prove I wasn't actually an asexual and it just proved I was. Being a 23 year old male that just graduated from college I really have no idea about sex (I still think it's a waste of time). One of my friends who I just become their boyfriend want's to have sex with me. I've accepted the request since I like her and I actually do want to make her happy... just I have no idea how to do that.
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Nov 17, 2012 UF6 commented on Savage Love.
I was told to come here by a fellow for many reasons. First I want to say I'm an asexual so I don't think I have much in common with many people here. Reading this post on homosexual marriage being allowed in another New England state is not shocking if you lived in the first state in this country to allow it.

I want to say that I still have a deep hatred of heterosexuals and homosexuals for how many of them has treated me over the years. Four weeks back I admitted to being raped in middle school and raped solely on the reason for who I am. I'm not accusing anyone outside of those who did this to. After trying to look into various LGBTA (I first thought A did mean asexual bit it really meant alley who is not asexual) only to find many of them were sexual groups only, no asexuals allowed. I find it hard for many groups I tried to join that you would treat the very majority of society as utter crap as you did to me for a populace that (claims to have) suffered intolerance at the hands of others.

But it seems when given freedom I've found you to be as horrible people as the majority of society either thinks I don't exist, faking it or think it’s a phase. I’ve been suggested in such LGBTA groups to seek the very same procedures to cure your homosexuality in the 1950’s. This leaves me with bitterness and distaste not to ever trust you guys since it really is all for you. I've come to the point that this society is not meant for me to be a part of; nor meant for me in anyway. This is a society that frets over sexuality and to the mere hilarity that you've people made a culture out of it. Then you take it a step further by worshipping it.