It's not very popular.

Jun 30 Ms. D commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
I was with LW until you drew the line, Dan. I'm a woman who just can't stand drama. I don't care what sex or orientation it comes from, SPARE ME. But the queen who flips his wrist and is a little lispy isn't a problem, the DRAMA queen is. I'm so out of the DRAMA that my girlfriends are often shocked I don't know the details of the latest breakup saga. I just say "they broke up, it was apparently bad...I said I was sorry and would buy her her 6th drink, and left it at that."
May 16 Ms. D commented on 10,000,000 Tea Party Patriots Descend on DC Today, Arrest President, Nobody Notices.
Dear David,

It's near-peak tourism season in DC (peak for school groups). On top of that, the city wasn't a cake walk up until a few years ago, so we currently have a dearth of hotels in the city core. That is being corrected and there will be ample hotels available within the next year or so. For now, booking last-minute right downtown is going to be hard or expensive.

I suggest you ditch internet searches for availability and start calling hotels directly. I, personally, recommend trying the Courtyard at 2nd and N NE, the Harrington Hotel at 11th and E NW, and ANY hotel in Crystal City (it's a quick Metro ride into downtown, and they have lots of hotels including Radisson, Holiday Inn, and other mid-range options). If you're feeling spendy, you might find something at the JW Marriott at 14th and Penn or the 4 Seasons in Georgetown. Also, you might want to go more than 7 miles if it's on a Metro. There are great options out near the end of the Metro lines that don't book up as fast.

It's not teabaggers, it's the millions of other folks who come here every spring/summer/fall and plan WAY ahead.
May 16 Ms. D commented on 10,000,000 Tea Party Patriots Descend on DC Today, Arrest President, Nobody Notices.
*I can see the Mall from where I'm at...

Friday hard is sentence make on.
May 16 Ms. D commented on 10,000,000 Tea Party Patriots Descend on DC Today, Arrest President, Nobody Notices.
Hmm...I still haven't taken lunch. Perhaps I'll see if I can find a square inch to stand on the Mall and eat. I'll report back on the crowding conditions. ;)

(I can see the Mall where I'm from...there's a couple hundred tourists milling about the Washington Monument taking pictures and whatnot.)
May 9 Ms. D commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
*that is also the exact same law we have now (that is, driver is at t-bone someone in a stop sign intersection, you're getting a ticket)
May 9 Ms. D commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
As to all the "should drivers be allowed to do this?" the answer is yes. 4-way yields with the first arriving then vehicle to the right having the right-of-way are just as effective as 4-way stops, when people aren't morons.

As to "who is at fault?" the answer remains the cyclist if the car had the right-of-way. If the car was fully stopped at the stop sign when the cyclist approached, the cyclist has to stop. Same first-arriving then vehicle to the right hierarchy. If, on the other hand, the vehicle arrives after the cyclist has entered the intersection, and either chooses not to stop or to proceed from a stop before the intersection is clear - well, that is also the exact same law.

And pedestrians almost always have the right of way at intersections like this, so no "I didn't see you" from either group, okay?

Jeez people, Idaho's been doing this for *32 YEARS* and yet we still scream about how it won't work. It works, obviously. We have DECADES of evidence is works!
Apr 16 Ms. D commented on Looks Like Your Stupid E-Cigarettes....
I'm probably going to butt up against the norm here, but I think eCigs are a good thing. Hear me out...

Many moons ago, my dad, a smoker for over 30 years at that point, was prescribed a nicotine inhaler to help him quit. Within 6 months, he had kicked both the butts and the inhaler. Guess what, the "inhaler" was nothing more than a prescription eCig. It looked the same, it worked the same, it soothed the need to flick something and delivered ever-decreasing amounts of nic.

Maybe these are better used with doctors and therapy (he got both), but they're clearly helpful in getting people to quit. If we can sell nasty lozenges and gum and patches over the counter, why not these? Even if it's BAD, it can't be worse than smoking, right?
Apr 5 Ms. D commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
That last story breaks my heart. After pushing myself far too hard at work while concurrently catching a bug a few years ago, I ended up with pneumonia. Even with aggressive medical treatment once I finally admitted to myself how sick I was, it was MISERABLE. I spent two days in the hospital with frequent breathing treatments and lots of pain. Those poor babies suffered very, very badly, and those "parents" deserve far worse than probation and a barely enforced order to actually get care for their kids when they're sick. Like, perhaps, an untreated case of pneumonia. If they ever, once, had to gasp painfully to breathe, it might just change their minds a little.
Apr 1 Ms. D commented on Obamacare Enrollment Hits 7,000,000 Target.
A decent chunk of the 30M probably live in states that refused to expand Medicaid, and even with subsidies, can't afford coverage. Some others look at it as an expense they can't afford, even though they can't NOT afford it (I have a friend who complains at least once a day on Facebook that her premiums would be "unaffordable," but also that medical expenses she's currently paying out of pocket are MORE). Some probably just plum forgot. And some are probably standing on principle. It's not too hard to imagine that less than 10% of the population falls into one of those groups.
Apr 1 Ms. D commented on Do It For Denmark.
@11 - it's called the household theory of fertility. The more education women are afforded, the more they can earn, and the more stable their lives, the fewer children they tend to have.

That's not to say that the end result of that is large swaths of women having zero children, and the way to get women in highly-developed societies to have two or three IS making maternity *financially* feasible. That said, I don't know what Denmark could do on that front. Work schedules are flexible, maternity and child care is affordable, maternity and paternity leave is generous, and parenting is treated as a team effort. Sometimes societal preferences can't be budged through policy, and, who knows, maybe they're just seeing a "waiting" preference given a slightly shaky economic recovery.

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