Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Apr 14 nullbull commented on Obamacare Cheaper Than Expected.
@11 - that's what I thought I heard, but I don't speak Muslim.
Apr 14 nullbull commented on Obamacare Cheaper Than Expected.
@5 reveals that yet another Republican's entire political strategy can be explained in one paragraph that accurately predicts said politician's behavior with 100% accuracy, in perpetuity.
Apr 7 nullbull commented on Much More Important Game of Thrones Poll.
The first dude, more attractive or not, is more Daario. But both are far from the Daario of the books. If Daario oth these guys look like the white dudes who played native Americans in movies
Apr 3 nullbull commented on Actor James Franco Hits on a Teenage Girl?.
Boring. The internet moral outrage machine makes me tired. Embarrassing for him probably. Whatever. Boring.
Mar 28 nullbull commented on The Minimum Wage Symposium: A Lot of Data and a Couple of Fights.
@2 - I am so tired of this now-old trope. "Why not $100/hr?!??" Why not $40/hr? Because the popular support isn't there, it's dumb, and NO ONE EVEN REMOTELY SERIOUS is proposing $40/hr. The energy, movement, etc. is $15/hr. You're inventing a comical red herring. You're chasing windmills. It's absurd.

What is your argument exactly? No to $15/hr because $40/hr is way too much? Does that make sense when you read it to yourself, because pretty sure the rest of us have no idea how that hangs together. Here's what you sound like:

Them: We think 60mph is a good freeway speed limit.
You: Why not a 10mph freeway speed limit, it'd be SAFER?!?

Them: We think 6 stories is a good height limit for buildings in this area.
You: Why not 1 story?!? It'd be even less imposing! Why not make private land owners turn their buildings into parks?!? That's BASICALLY what you're saying!!
Mar 21 nullbull commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
Agree with @1, do it myself, on the bus when people don't move to the back. BUT prepare to be stared at like you're an asshole by the entire bus full of people. In general I don't think Seattle is sleepy. But there is a dominant sense that if you're in a hurry, that's YOUR problem. The mere suggestion that someone is in your way / inconveniencing you is you bringing YOUR shit into THEIR world.
Mar 19 nullbull commented on Rich Man Writes Bullshit "Apology" for Saying Liberals Are Like Hitler.
Pitting one group against another is the EXACT BLUEPRINT for the political success of the conservative brand. They coined the term "wedge issue" for fucks sake. What a myopic, hypocritical fool.
Mar 18 nullbull commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Pixar Sequels and the Sad Husk Formerly Known as Sarah Palin.
I heard the NSA knows if you're watching the sportsman channel and traces the signal so they can put you in a FEMA concentration camp living on food stamps. Also gay sex.
Mar 17 nullbull commented on Sawant Proposes Three-Year Minimum Wage Phase-In for Small Businesses, Starting at $11/Hour in 2015.
too much, too fast. It took at least 30 years (arguably longer) to generate the massive imbalance between wages, cost of living, and productivity. We can't undo 30 years of damage in 4 years. Peg today's $15 to inflation+ (something better than CPI, which is too inaccurate). Meet that number by 2022. 7 year phase in, with jump to $11 in 2015. Annual increases to meet the $15/hr number (with inflation adjustments) and semi-annual adjustments chained to CPI+ from there forward.
Mar 17 nullbull commented on Tales from Behind the Espresso Machine.
@21 - It is late, but you get the added value of eye-rolls and exasperated sighs. Whatever the written version of those are, the author has them mastered.

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