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Jul 7 nullbull commented on Baker Refuses to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple.
I just thought it was all cakes and gays. She could've just ordered a bunch of birthday cookies and it would have been fine. Or carrot cake... Because... I mean... Does it really even count as cake. According to Jesus anyway?
Jul 7 nullbull commented on Morning News: Black Man Hunting Season Opened This Week, Median Home Value in Seattle Now $666,000.
2nd Amendment Rights people will jump to that poor man's aid, I'm sure... any second now... they'll be all over this... police state they've always worried about is here... just hang on... any second now... ... ...
Jul 5 nullbull commented on Noted Economist Predicts Brexit Will Have an Impact on Seattle's Property Market.
Rent Control, Residency requirements, extra fees on corporate apartments and vacant real estate. Chase them away with a different kind of the same government socialism they've been benefiting from. Global money don't give a shit. @3 used to sound like a tinfoil hat, but that's not the case anymore - She or he is exactly right. The global blob of capital that needs to be or at least appear illiquid to avoid taxes and other bothers of those with absurd amounts of money is huge, it is coming for your whatever, and it will sit on your chest until you die.
Jun 30 nullbull commented on Light Rail and Urbanism for Seattle's Rich.
Beacon Hill Station, where the above picture was taken, is getting 112 new affordable units built by El Centro De La Raza right now. We have Rainier Vista's subsidized housing near Columbia City Station. We have the subsidized artist lofts near Mt. Baker Station. There are available lots to develop (one currently housing a tiny house village for the homeless) near Rainier Beach Station. We're doing this - not enough yet, but it's happening.
Jun 30 nullbull commented on Light Rail and Urbanism for Seattle's Rich.
@16, 17 - How incredibly myopic. Today's emergent middle class - those people just entering middle-classdom - increasingly cannot afford this city. OF COURSE there are middle class people living here now. The question is whether they will continue to be able to live here. Current trends, if they hold up, point to no. When we had a robust middle class, the rule of thumb was to never spend more than 25% of your gross income on housing. Can you even fathom that? No, if you're looking for a home right now, you can't even fathom that. Our standards for middle affordability, like all standards for affordability below the mega-rich, have eroded massively.
Jun 14 nullbull commented on How Seattle Took Forever to Build a Very Fast Light Rail Line.
Simple fact - Portlands system will top out with lower frequencies and smaller capacities. They can't carry as many per trip, and they can't bring the frequency up due to choke points on shared bridges. This infrastructure will be around for over 100 years. Making the first 15-20 faster at the cost of being able to handle growth for the second 80 is a small-time strategy that costs in the long run. I'm glad we're doing it better now. Though we should all note that we screwed the Rainier Valley on this score. But then, we always screw the Rainier Valley, don't we?
Jun 10 nullbull commented on Tim Eyman Gives Up on Anti-Light Rail Initiative.
So it would slash excise taxes on cars AND remove tolls from 2 highways. How many times will this dude write initiatives that address 2 separate issues, and have them struck down for addressing 2 separate issues. AT this point, he KNOWS this is bound for the courts.

He doesn't write Constitutional laws, and when he does, he violates the initiative process' rules, which even I KNOW BY NOW. This is nothing but Washington State Court Spam. That's all he does now. There's a law against frivolous lawsuits - when will there be a law against frivolous, bound-to-be-illegal initiatives?
Jun 6 nullbull commented on AP Just Called the Democratic Nomination for Clinton.
Called. Also inevitable so as far as "calling it" goes, meh.
May 14 nullbull commented on UPDATE: Red Mill Burgers Owner John Shepherd Apologizes for Sexist, Transphobic Online Comments and Resigns.
Calling people names is bad. But if all the men on the council voted against something that a local female business owner didn't agree with and she called them all dickheads or assholes or pigs, there would be zero issue. She might even get some "right ons!" from the congregation.

Dude shouldn't lose his job. If you think this creates fewer sexists in the world, you're wrong. See if his business suffers with him still there. If it does, that's what he gets. Sexists and trans-phobes are assholes. And we can and should expose their assholery. But firing the dude? Solving nothing, teaching nothing, changing nothing. Pure authoritarian, animal-brain vengeance. Not justice, not change. Just vengeance.